How to Create a Bootable Windows 7 / 8 Repair DVD/USB Drive

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Windows Repair disk is the collection of utility tool to repair the Windows operating system provided by the Microsoft. You can repair the installed OS , Restore the system, Recover from backup and lot more. When ever you installing the Windows Operating system its essential to have the windows repair disk. Its very much easy to create a repair disk. You can only create a repair disk with the DVD with the help of DVD optical writer. Nowadays most of them uses the USB drive for most of their data storing and manipulation, As it is much easier to save and retrieve the data compare to DVD/CD.

All you needed is USB Drive (Minimum 4Gb Capacity) and Windows Repair Disk Image or DVD. Read below to create Windows Repair disk or Download Repair Disk Image from here.

Windows Repair USB Drive

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Steps to Create a Windows Repair Disk (DVD) in Windows 7/8

Create system Repair disk

  • Place the Empty DVD into the DVD writer.
  • Open Control Pannel > System and Security > Back up and Restore
  • Click on the Create System Repair Disk.
  • In the prompted dialog box select the DVD drive. (Note : Virtual Drives are not listed)
  • Finally Click on the Create Disk.

Steps to Create a Bootable Windows 7 / 8 Repair USB Drive

Here I’m going to explain the simple steps behind the creation of the bootable USB Windows 7 / 8 Repair Drive which do the similar operations as the Windows Repair Disk.

  • Plug the USB Drive
  • Open the Command Prompt with the Admin Rights. (Key combination to start the cmd.exe with admin rights, Ctrl + Shift + Click/Enter Or  Right Click and choose Run As Administrator)
  • Type DISKPART in the Command Prompt to start the Microsoft DiskPart

DiskPART bootable USB

Type the Following command in sequence

>LIST DISK             – list the available disk, Confirm the disk number assigned to the USB Drive from its Disk Size.

>SELECT DISK 1    – Select the disk to make bootable. Change the disk number as per your Disk List.





>ASSIGN        – Assign a Drive Letter and a dialog Box will prompt and ask you to format the USB Drive.

  • Format the USB Drive With the NTFS file format. Enable the Quick Format Check Box.
  • Click on Start to start the Format. Confirm the Format action by click OK on the warning dialog box.

Quick Format USB NTFS

  • After the format completed, Copy the content of the Windows Repair Disk (DVD) to the USB Drive. (If you don’t have the windows Repair DVD with you just download the Windows Repair Disk 32 bit .zip )

Windows Repair disk content in USB

  • Extract the content of the zip file into the USB Drive.

Note : Put the content of the Zip file to the root directory of the USB Drive with out making any Folder or sub-folder.

  • The  Bootable Windows 7 / 8 Repair USB Drive is ready. Restart the PC to boot with the Windows Repair Disk.

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