How to configure Hotmail Accounts Manually in Outlook Express

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Still i wonder why people check web mail often, when they have lots of Mail Clients in the internet. This post dedicated to the people who is new to Mail Clients. Now here we only explains how to configure Hotmail into Outlook Express because you can easily configure other mail services automatically in few clicks, but Hotmail needs manual configuration to connect with mail client. Hotmail is the one of the greatest and featured mail service offered by Microsoft. It had lots of features and also used to access the Microsoft Live. Another best mail client software offered  by Microsoft is Outlook Express. Event though both are the service offered by the Microsoft its somewhat hard to sync the both. Here I am engaging with discussing how to sync the Hotmail with the Outlook Express.

Outlook express offers the excellent mailing experience but while syncing the Hotmail account on the Outlook Express you got an error message on log on it, even the Username and the Password are correctly provided by you. The error message occurs if you automatically configure the account. To experience the Hotmail service on the outlook express you have to manually configure the account settings. Just you have to concentrate on the simple setting of mail account.

On configuring the Hotmail account on outlook express 2007 after providing the correct email address and the password it displays the error message as shown below.


Error on outloook1


  • Now thew configuration of manual settings begins by click on the check box Manually configure the server settings and click on the Next button.

Mail Settings


Provide Your name & email address

Step 1 -Server Information Settings :

  • Change the Account Type to POP3
  • Incoming mail server :
  • Outgoing mail server (smtp) :

Step 2 – More Settings :

  • Click on the More Settings Button to add the additional settings to the Hotmail account.
  • Internet e-mail Settings dialog box opens . On that navigate to the Outgoing server settings tab to configure the SMTP.
  • Click and enable the Check box  My outgoing server (SMTP) requires the authentication. Click on the Use same settings as my incoming mail server radio button.

outgoing server settings

  •  Navigate to the Advanced tab to configure the incoming mail server settings.
  • Change the Incoming Server (POP3) value to 995.
  • Enable the check box This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).
  • Confirm the value of  Outgoing server (smtp) is equal to 25.
  • Change the type of  encrypted connection to Auto.

incomming server settings


  • Click on OK to save the changes.

Step 3 – Test Account Settings :

Click on the Test Account Settings to validate the account settings, incoming and outgoing connections.

test account

If the values  are correct you got a success and completed message over the log onto incoming mail server and sent email message.

Note : OE (Outlook Express) sent a test mail to your inbox to verify the Outgoing server settings.

  • Click close to continue with the Configuration process.

Step -4 Finishing the Account Configuration:

Finally click on the Next button and Press Finish button to complete the Hotmail account configuration on Outlook Express.

Now your Hotmail account is ready to use with the outlook express.

Configure with the same setting on the other mail clients too for configure the Hotmail account.

Click on the Send/ Receive button on the Outlook Express to access you Inbox and also to send the pending mails.

outlook full

This is a simple way to configure the Hotmail account with the outlook express. you can use the same setting with the other mail clients too. If the syncing is the only reason for you to avoid Hotmail from the Mail client. This is the solution.


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