Smart Android Apps for Mobile Blogging

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If you’re a blogger, then it is very important that you stay in touch with the blogging world. If you follow the traditional method, then you have to start your PC, connect it to the internet and surf through the websites for reading, posting or editing a blog.

Apps for Android

Knowing the importance of blogging, Application Developers have come up with Blog on the go apps for bloggers using which they can Create, Update and share the post in a single touch.

WordPress App

It is a renowned fact that WordPress is a famous platform for blogging. If you have WordPress app in your Android phone, then you can have a direct access to your WordPress account. Using this app, you can manage your blog posts, be it editing a blog, posting, handling the comments or reading a blog post. You will also be notified about the status via this app.

Blogger App

Blogger is another blogging platform and if, the platform that you’re using is Blogger, then you must use this app. Blogger App lets you experience an ultimate blogging. You can use this app for:

¨     Developing a blog and publish it immediately or keep it for later use.

¨     It lists out the blogs that have been published or saved.

¨     It makes switching accounts easier, if you possess more than one.

¨     You can insert a photo from the gallery without any difficulty.

¨     You can label your blog posts.

Have you ever thought that managing your blogs could be made this easy!

Hootsuite App

What if, you could manage all your social media profiles through a single app? You can, actually do it using Hootsuite App. You can enjoy the benefits of all social media sites with a single app. Now, you can chat with your buddy in Facebook, update your Twitter status, check in on Foursquare, have a look at Linkedn connections. Basically, it is All-in-One app.

Google Reader App

Google Reader App is an extreme useful one, as it syncs all your devices and then, follows your favorite blogging sites and other websites, to fetch the updates from those sites. This eliminates the need to surf through each and every site to obtain the information you want, as this app does it for you in an organized manner.

These are few of the blogging apps for Android smartphones that have grabbed the attention of most of the bloggers. If you want to have a mobile experience of blogging, you can choose one of them and experience a fresh dimension of blogging.

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