5 Great eBook Reading Apps for Android Phones

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What do you usually do if you have to wait for, say, an hour? I guess you play games on your Android phone. Games like Angry Birds can really help kill some time, but if you want something fresh and interesting, try reading books. Fortunately, there are many good apps for reading eBooks on Android phones now, so you don’t have to take any heavy books with you. And below come the best eBook reading apps we managed to find at the Google Play Store.

android ebook reader


1) Wattpad

Wattpad is a unique eBook reader in that the library of over 100,000 books is full of titles published by non-professional writers. It is a great place to discover new and unknown books by some talented authors and best of all, every title is distributed free of charge! A great app if you love reading new books many haven’t even heard about.

2) Zinio

Okay, so this app is not strictly for eBooks, but it is so good it just had to be included in the list. Zinio is a dedicated reading app for e-magazines and features a vast range of different titles from various niches, all displayed in glorious colour and detail. Exclusive content and interactive features also add to the rich reading experience.

3) Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is very similar to the famous Cool Reader and has a growing fan base. Managing books is easy and the user experience can be tailored to suit the needs of the reader. The option of day/night reading is healthy for the eyes and the real page turning effect adds to the visuals.

4) Google Play Books

Google Play Books is fast becoming a great app, and while it cannot compete with some of the others on the list in terms of usability and visuals just yet, it is one that is continuously improving. It runs great on Samsung’s, HTC’s and Sony’s Android phones.

5) Mantano Reader

Despite not having a great book catalogue or a particularly rich list of features, Mantano Reader is a good solid eBook reading app. It looks great and displays books perfectly. If you like to import books from your SD card, this app will be perfect.

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