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If you have ever used a Mac computer, or any other Apple based device, you are probably familiar with iTunes and the App Store. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can download content to the computer or mobile device, without going to the marketer’s website and downloading the content there. With the store, it is easier for an individual to gain access to thousands off additional programs and applications for the hardware. For years, Windows has lagged behind in this category. Windows is more user generated and programmable, allowing most companies the ability to create content for the operating system and other Windows based devices (such as the Windows Phone and Xbox), but never sold all the content under the same roof, at least until now. With the recent announcement of the Windows Store, it is now possible to download and obtain content for your Windows device, directly over the Internet, similar to how the Mac version runs.

Windows store

With Windows Store, you need to log onto the Windows Store website. Eventually, there is sure to be a direct icon and application released for your desktop, similar to iTunes, but for now, when using the store you need to actually visit the website (similar to the Android marketplace). Once you have arrived at the website, you have many different options for locating the applications and programs you desire. This ranges from the kind of content you are looking for (programming, video games, Office content), or the device you want the material for, such as Windows Phone, PC devices and Xbox. Click on the desired link and all the available content appears on the screen. For some of these options, there are additional selection features you may make, in order to reduce the number of applications and software titles that appear on the screen. When selecting “Office,” you can then limit it down to “Word Process” or “Graph.” With video games you are able to select the kind of game you desire.

Once you find the desired program title, click the title and a new page loads onto the Internet site. This displays all of the basic information regarding the program, including what hardware you need on your PC to run the software (if the software is for your computer), what previous users have said about the content, and how expensive it is. If you still want to purchase the program or application after reading this information, select the “Purchase” link.

After deciding to purchase the material, you need to input your billing information. If you intend to reuse the Windows Store, you can select to create an account and have all your billing data saved. This is going to make it far easier to download content in the future, as all you need to do is just type in your account, and Windows Store automatically detects who you are (if you are using the same device to purchase more programs, you don’t even need to do this, as Windows Store can detect familiar devices).

After the billing information is submitted, the program or application downloads to the computer. With the data on the computer, you are able to either start the installation process, or upload the applications to a mobile phone or Xbox. You need to connect a mobile phone to computer in order to upload the content. With the Xbox, it is best to transfer the data to a flash drive, then connect the flash drive to the gaming system and upload the data this way. The apps for the Xbox and mobile phone are automatically going to install, after the upload is complete. With the computer, after the download subsides, you must double click the file to launch the installation window. From here the program begins to install onto the computer. With Windows Store, you are free to perform this task as many times as you choose, regardless of your location.

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