How to protect your Facebook Account 24×7 from Scam

Facebook the biggest social Network with more than 750 Million users. Same like users scams and spams are spreading viral in Facebook. If you are updated with latest tech happening now then you may aware of Facebook scams. Many Scam are like Facebook Phishing attack and many more vulnerability.

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Facebook Bitdefender saf ego

Most popular Scams are Likejacking, If the account is compromised with Scam it will posted automatically to the wall of the user to infect other users.

Example of few scam : Free facebook shoes, Free facebook T-shirt, OMG! This guys must be stoned to death for doing this to a GIRL! and more.

After seeing all these security flaws, BitDefender created a application called ‘SAFEGO‘ which is also called as Facebook security suite which can product our account 24/7.

What will Facebook BitDefender Safego do?

Safego will scan all your News feeds including Your Friends, Pages and your updates like Status with links and Photos and Videos. If the link is suspicious. Safego will report you in the wall. Even you can choose the Settings to notify or not. We can warn our friends if they spread the scam without their notice. Even Safego will submits weekly report to know our Account safety details. Lets see how to Install and use it.

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How to Install and Use BitDefender Safego application in Facebook?

Its very simple to Install this BitDefender Safego application same like other applications we do.

Here is the Safego Application:  

Go to this Link and Click ‘ALLOW’ for Application permission request and you will take to Application Page and looks like the Screen shot below.

Facebook Safego application

This is the Interface you can access the Last scanned items and It shows the Infected items in your Facebook News feed. Through this interface we can warn our Friend who was infected with Scam and delete our Scam links shared in our wall. We can turn on the Notification through settings tab and Statistics tab which shows the Scanned items, Infected items and the Total links in our News feed. BitDefender QuickScan allows us to scan our PC online. It’s recommended to who are not using Antivirus in their Computer. You can invite your friends through Friend ‘O’ Meter Section.

You can learn more about BitDefender Safego on its Facebook Page

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