How to Bookmark a Webpage

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Bookmark  is commonly a marker, mostly a paper or sketch for marking at a page were the readers intended to read or interested in. In Internet it means alike. Bookmarks in other words, it can be mentioned as users favorite or choice of interest or shortcuts for the ease of use. The most commonly used browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome etc which have inbuilt bookmark features. It helps the user to a greater extend, by saving time by searching the same website again and again which we used to go daily, moreover its mainly used when we get a page that we searched for so long time and suddenly the situation is to turn off your pc. In those times you can go for bookmark to gain it later. You can also remove your bookmarked page when you thought it is no longer needed.


Bookmarking is simple as such as effective. We can bookmark more than a  site to any number upto our needs, bookmark list can be managed by a built-in tool automatically provided within in each browser, but the methodology of storing defers accordingly based upon the browsers version and the platform of operating system it runs.

Now we going to see bookmarking in Mozilla Firefox 4.0

Step 1 : Open the web browser and Go to the website which you want to bookmark it for future use. After that click on the Firefox tab and go to Bookmark Menu and Select ‘Bookmark this Page’ in Sub menu or you can Bookmark by shortcut by using Shortcut key CTRL + D.

Bookmarking step 1


Step 2: After clicking the ‘Bookmark this page’, you will be taken back to ‘EDIT THE BOOKMARK’ option. Now we can edit the name and folder of the bookmark, after finishing click ‘DONE’.

Bookmark Step 2


That’s done and now i will explain how to delete the Bookmarks, when no longer needed.

Step 1: Go to Bookmark Menu as we did for Bookmarking above. We can able to see all the bookmarks we marked.

Step 1 remove


Step 2 : On the other hand, here we can view ,organize,sort and make your page what exactly u want to look like. Choose the unwanted Bookmark and Right click on it and Select ‘DELETE’.

Remove Bookmark Step 2

Not only bookmarking saves time and it also brings smile to your face when you see your most likely page as soon as you turned on your browser.

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