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How to change default search engine in firefox

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Firefox is the browser with comes with the default search engine as BING, but we globally and mostly use GOOGLE for our needs. Today i will teach you how to change the default search engine in Firefox. The Firefox have Address bar and Search box. We always used to

How to install Greasemonkey Add-on on firefox

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Grease monkey is the one the popular Add-on for Firefox which allow users to execute various scripts in the real time website while browsing. Today lets we going to see, How to Install Grease Monkey Add-on in Mozilla firefox. Its very simple to install, we will guide you every

How to Get Old Facebook Chat back

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Facebook, the biggest social network site updated many features like video call and now it changed its chat features as Sidebar chat, but its really annoying the users. We can't see who are online, it will just show our few friends who are we interact most, it will be

How to Bookmark a Webpage

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Bookmark is commonly a marker, mostly a paper or sketch for marking at a page were the readers intended to read or interested in. In Internet it means alike. Bookmarks in other words, it can be mentioned as users favorite or choice of interest or shortcuts for the