Sony Ericsson Xperia Play review

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Sony Ericcsson Xperia Play has finally arrived and is making sales rapidly with the backing of being the world’s first smartphone that carries the features of a gaming console. This is the latest addition that silently crept into the mobile market. This slide out phone is a beast of gaming power that you will soon realize while we unravel the details of this phone as you read through….

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The phone comes with an interesting game of onscreen full QWERTY 12 keys with dedicated gaming keys for a throttling experience, wallpaper animation, intuitive capcititative touch screen with picture wallpaper in the standby mode. There is also auto rotate switch that is ready to switch from vertical to horizontal mode to suit to the needs of this exclusive powerful gaming phone, and is the one for you if you are a freak out for Sony’s Play station, then find this phone serving you both the purposes and will cut on your tight budget. For the design and looks, you need not ask for the sleek and elegant built in black with a very luxurious and romantic look or in white which you cannot fail to adore.


The phone sports on a 4” screen that has a resolution of 854 × 480 pixels of reproducing nearly 16, 777, 216 colors, which is an incredibly awesome for a mobile phone, and works on the TFT technology which is much similar to the iPad display.

The memory capacity of the phone will include a 400 MB with the capacity to add additional memory like microSD, which is expandable up to 32 GB, and can vary between the phones and a 5MP camera.

Connectivity solutions are met by the ability of the phone to be compatible with GSM/GPRS/EDGE with the bandwidth falling between the ranges of 850/900/1800/1900. Other options will include UMTS/HSPA and HSPA +.

The phone has the following dimensions like 119.0×62×16 mm and 4.7× 2.4×0.6 inches weighing with all these capacities and capabilities of 175 g only. Qualcomm’s optimized 1 GHz Snapdragon processor supports a 3D mobile gaming and web browsing experience with minimum power consumption.


Xperia Play delivers the functionality of a smartphone for power users with an immense gaming experience that which will no fail you for the money spent. What many of the users like about this phone is that in portrait mode the phone offers all the users to expect Sony Ericsson’s best in-class entertainment experiences with some of the phone features like the 5 MP camera and incredible 4” multitouch intuitive screen that is on par with the iPhone and iPad touch screens, with great accessibility for social networking.

Nevertheless, the power of gaming control makes this powerful mostly amongst the users who will find this being backed up by a digital D pad, 2 analogue touch pads, two shoulder buttons and PlayStation icons like the circle, cross, square and triangle, which will help the phone turn into a gaming console while you are playing.

One good thing about the phone is that this comes with the power to do both that of a smartphone and a gaming console, while what is not good is that switching between both the interfaces is not quick enough and could have a higher RAM capacity.

Altogether, this one phone comes with the power to do both of the gaming console and a smartphone, smartly with good versatility.

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