Sony Ericsson Windows 7 Phone Images Leaked

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We know that Nokia and Microsoft have new partnership, So they are going to launch Nokia Phones powered by Windows 7 Phone Os. Now We got a hot news that Sony Ericsson is coming with Windows 7, Yes few days back around internet we have seen sony ericsson windows 7 phone pictures. all thought it was fake one. But now multiple images are leaked around internet. Sony Ericsson Unknown Model Picture is below with Qwerty Keyboard and USB charging feature.


Sony Ericssons main focus is now on Android smartphones. But Sony Ericsson said they not are tied to one particular operating system. From that, we conclude that other operating sytems are ready to come in Sony Ericsson. We are still confused with one thing, Windows 7 Phone comes with Xbox Live connectivity, But how Sony Ericsson will add this feature in their phone?,  Because Sony Ericsson is tied to Sony, they may not have wanted to help support the Xbox as it is a direct competitor to the PS3.

Check Few More Pictures of Sony Ericsson Windows 7 Phone.

sony ericsson windows phone

sony ericsson windows phone

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