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Top Paid/Free/Online Effective Image Editing Tools You Should Try

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The digital camera make the experience of taking the photo as much easier. Even though we face some problem with the lighting , white balance and so on. Its advisable to have a photo editing software to help and over come these problems and also to make the pictures

Microsoft Windows 8 Images leaks out – Rumor

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Microsoft is working hard to keep the work on Windows 8 a secret, as denoted by the background images in the screenshots, but these images still managed to find their way on to the web. Microsoft is expected to ship Windows 8 sometime during 2012 with another rumor suggesting

Sony Ericsson Windows 7 Phone Images Leaked

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Sony Ericssons main focus is now on Android smartphones. But Sony Ericsson said they not are tied to one particular operating system. From that, we conclude that other operating sytems are ready to come in Sony Ericsson. We are still confused with one thing, Windows 7 Phone comes with