How to Use Mobile Number Portability Service | Simple Guide

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Most awaited Service MNP (Mobile Number Portability) is now on move all over India.The first phase of MNP in India is rolling out on 25th November from the Harayna Circle. Both Prepaid and Postpaid Users can avail this Service.

This is how Mobile Number portability would work for a normal user.

1. Send the following SMS – PORT (Your Mobile Number)  to 1900
eg. PORT 9123456789 to 1900

2. You will get an SMS with your unique porting code. This is a unique number that will be maintained along with your mobile number with a third party called MNP Service Provider (Selected companies for this service in India- Syniverse Technologies and Telcordia). The unique code has a expiry time. You need to go to New Operator Outlet and Submit your Proof to the new preferred operator with that Unique Porting code within the expiry time.

3. The new operator will communicate with existing operator and ask for permission. If approved the new operator will set a time for porting and communicate this to MNP provider and existing operator.

4. On the set date and time, the current operator will disconnect the number, Then just go to New Operator Showroom to Collect your New SIM CARD with your OLD NUMBER 🙂

Please Note:
1. The max. charge can be Rs.19. This has to be paid to the new operator. The operator can choose to charge you lesser.

2. There is a limitation of how frequently you can change the operator. Once switched you cannot change the operator for the next 90 days.

3.During disconnection from old and connecting to new operator you number will be dead for about 2 hours. Fortunately, this will happen only between 10PM to 5AM.

4.According to rules set by TRAI, it shouldn’t take more than 4 days for the complete process from the time of applying to new operator.

5.You Will Lose Your Balance while Porting Your Number to New Provider, So keep Nil Balance.

6.Even you can Switch From CDMA to GSM

7.Postpaid Users must settle their Dues before Porting, Otherwise Porting is Not possible.

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