DOCOMO offers Mobile Number Portability

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Mobile Number Portability is the process by which, you can shift to another operator of your choice, but keep your old number.

If you have decided to  move to Tata DOCOMO from any operator, say hello to  the most transparent plans, a world-class network & responsive customer care.

With MNP , the gates to our refreshingly different land have been thrown wide open for you to enter, explore and enjoy. You can check our pockets,  insides of our shoes and even look through our hair; we have nothing to hide.  We believe in what’s fair and transparent, and we follow it to the tee. So at the slightest iota of  a doubt you can interrogate us; we won’t mind a bit, rather we’ll be glad.

As you probably know, after pioneering  pay per second which revolutionized the telecom category ,we are the first private operator to launch 3G in partnership with the world leader in 3G NTT Tata DOCOMO, Japan.

For now, the government’s department of telecommunication has introduced MNP only in Haryana starting 25thNov’ 10.

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