Tips for Using the Poly Studio X50

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With the ongoing global pandemic, businesses are looking for ways to stay productive while complying with physical and social distancing protocols required by the government. Many companies ask their employees to work remotely and meet clients through video conferencing. While the technology needed for this situation is nothing new, some stand out efficiently and effectively. One example is the Poly Studio X50, a video bar that offers an unrivaled video conferencing experience.

The Poly Studio X50 comes with an intuitive design and complete with all the needed software. After unboxing, you could plug it in, attach the monitor, and connect to the internet. Within minutes, you could be collaborating and exchanging ideas with your co-workers who are safe in their own homes. 

Below are some tips on how to use the Poly Studio X50 and get the most out of its advanced features. 

Control the Meeting with the TC8 Touch Panel 

Every Poly Studio X50 comes ready for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and any other cloud video services available today. But regardless of the platform that you use, you could dictate the pace and direction of the discussion using the TC8 touch panel. 

The Poly TC8 requires a single Ethernet cable to function, eliminating the clutter of tangled wires and cables across the table. Depending on your need, you can use the Poly Studio X family or the Poly G7500 interface. 

The Poly TC8 also has a built-in calendar where you can join a meeting with a push of a button. You can also use the touch panel to control the layout of the participants, share content, or adjust the camera.   

Maximum Number of Participants

The Poly Studio X30 is ideal for meetings with up to six participants. The X50 can accommodate up to ten with no reduction in the quality of the meetings. The built-in 4k camera provides clear video images of all the participants as the advanced software automatically zooms in on whoever is talking. 

The microphones can pick up audio from 25 feet away, ensuring that every participant is heard loud and clear. The speakers also come with Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlockAI, two technologies that use machine learning to suppress ambient noise, so unwanted sounds from the background are reduced. 

With such a clear and crisp audio quality, you can be sure that no detail is missed. What is more, all these features come in a user-friendly design. There is no need to invest time or effort in mastering the functions or controls, as most of them are either automatic or highly intuitive. 

Maximize the Dual Display Capability

In business applications, video conferencing requires displaying not only the participants but other content as well. This may include files, images, or schematics that are relevant to the discussion. The Poly Studio X50 offers this type of flexibility to its users. 

With its capability to connect to two displays, you can see who you are talking to while showing whatever content is needed for the discussion. It is the ideal solution for effective communication and collaboration amid the global pandemic, which is the cornerstone of any company’s productivity and success.

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