5 Apps To Help You Be More Productive For iPhone

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Okay, so I know your iPhone is a blast for matching gummy bears in Candy Crush and defeating barbarians in Clash of Clans, but believe it or not it’s also one heck of an organizational tool. Take a note of your iPhone’s ability to multi-task, and let it help you do the same with some of these great apps. You’ll get more done in a day than you ever thought its possible.


#1 – Wunderlist

Just recently voted app of the year, Wunderlist is the go to app for to do list techies. This app has applications in both personal and professional settings, with its sharing capabilities. Not only you can create and manage to do lists, but you can add users to them, allowing the information and reminders to be shared with everyone.


Which makes this app great is its compatibility. This app won’t just work on iPhones, but any device running Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android systems, and on their web based platform as well. With Wunderlist, users can set notifications, create reminders, and even print lists with the tap of a button, all from one simple and intuitive app.

The paid version of Fitocracy is where it’s at though. For about $30 a month, you get a fitness coach, personalized nutrition plan, workouts custom tailored for your fitness level, and daily support and tips from your coach. The app works off a points system for workouts and meal plan adherence, with badges to unlock achievements and showcase your progress. If you’re looking to make big changes in 2015, this is the app to get you started.

#2 – 1Password

Remembering passwords for every account can be almost impossible, and having the same password for multiple accounts can be downright dangerous. Using 1Password, you can create one master password for the app’s account, and use their strong password generator to create unique and secure passwords for all of your accounts. With the app installed, you can login to any account with a single tap.


What’s more is that you can even store other sensitive access information that may not be digital, like safe combinations. This app prevents the notorious duplicate password habit that can be so tempting, and helps you manage all of your accounts safely and securely.

#3 – Dropbox

iphone dropbox

This app is the original cloud storage, with an easy to use interface, and compatibility with just about any device. The free version allows you to store up to 2 GB of files, while the paid version allows from one terabyte to unlimited storage space, for $10 – $15 per month. It’s crazy convenient, and allows everything from sharing photos between family members in a private settings, to accessing work documents on the go.

#4 – Free Time


Those words may not seem like they belong in an article about productivity apps, but knowing how much free time you have available is half the battle of packing your schedule as tight as you possibly can. This app picks up the slack where other scheduling apps don’t, showing you how many hours you have free in your day at a glance. From there you can decide if you want to cram some more errands in, or spend the afternoon with a bottle of wine.

#5 – Express VPN


Sometimes one of the best ways to be productive is to prepare for the worst. With so much of our lives stored on our iPhones, it can be disastrous if something goes wrong. Express VPN is an Internet security app that protects your data from outside attacks. The VPN (Virtual Private Network) works by encrypting all of the traffic to and from your phone, which can be helpful to prevent identity theft, cyberattacks and many more Internet security threats. With this App, you can use your iPhone securely when on the go and using public Wi-Fi; it ensures that you stay safe online and can focus on using your phone to revolutionize your productivity. This particular app is highly rated and is one of the few that works across all operating systems, including iOS.6tygh

66tMy absolute favorite thing about iPhones is the degree of organization they give me. This pocket sized personal assistants are your key to maximizing your efficiency, and constantly pushing the limits of what you can accomplish in a day. These apps keeps you from spending the day organizing your schedule, and allows you to simply get it all done.

About the Author:  Cassie’s interests range from gadgets and new technology, to internet security. She often refers to Secure Thoughts for the best information to stay safe online.

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