Why Ubuntu 14.04 is Best choice to Replace Windows Xp

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Windows XP, a rocky OS from Microsoft finally got its end card by this year. Yes, the support from the Microsoft had stopped for a 13 years old windows Xp OS. Even though it is 13 years old OS and used widely all over the world but according to Microsoft it is old crappy thing, providing support and security updates for XP is so hard, some of the security loop holes are not yet fixed in XP.

Replacing windows with ubuntu

If you are a desktop user and worrying about the security, want a alternate for XP, here is a free rock solid OS from Canonical “Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Long Term Support)” its absolutely free.

There are some of the valuable reason to choose Ubuntu to replacing XP.

5 Years Support and Update

It’s well known factor that the support for the XP is completely dropped and you will never get any security patches or updates for Xp hereafter. While comparing it with Ubuntu, its latest LTS version 14.04 will get updates until 2019 after that you can upgrade to its latest available LTS version.

ubuntu release cycle

Easy to Handle and Use

Ubuntu is very easy to use and handle. Its not so clumsy to handle and use as you think. Even though it doesnt look much similar to windows you can learn it quickly. You can access the files and folder within single and double clicks similar to that of XP. One of the notable difference in Ubuntu is windows control button “Close”, “Minimize”, “Restore”  are available at the top left corner.

Ubuntu home folder

Your Windows Key is replaced by a Dash button visible at the top of the Unity bar which works similar to that of task bar in windows XP as I mentioned above it is not exactly similar. By hitting the windows button you can access the dash lens in the unity bar. You can search for files or a program or a online contents from that dash lens itself. Really it makes your search simple.

ubuntu dash lens

Application Installation in a Click

Application installation is very easier than that of XP. You don’t need to search or roam around the internet for the applications. All are available under the Ubuntu Software Center you can install the required application by simply clicking over the install button. Similar to windows lots of applications are available for Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu Software Center

Alternate Linux Application For Migrated Users

Note : Not all the options are available same as the windows application

Office and Productivitylinux application for office


Multimedialinux application for multimedia

Networkinglinux application for networking


Really Ubuntu is not tough to switch and use. Before switch to Ubuntu you may try, The option is available in the Installation process itself or else you may install it and try inside the virtual machine like Oracle Virtual Box.

Download Link For Ubuntu

You can download Ubuntu 14.04 from here Alternate Download Link for Torrent Users. Need installation help, drop your comments here.

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