Preparing A Professional PowerPoint Presentation

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There’s more to a PowerPoint presentation than slapping a few bar graphs on a blank page. If you want to capture your audience, and if you want your presentation to look sound and skilled, you’ll need to take the following tips to heart.


Moderate Your Colors

There’s nothing wrong with breaking out of the “black text on a white background” bold, but you need to be careful with how you approach the rest of the color wheel. Not enough contrast and your words will be lost; too much contrast and they’ll cause eye pain.

Embrace Images

No one wants to read a solid wall of text, not even for important or game-changing information. Break it up into multiple slides with helpful visuals to illustrate the finer points.

Go Easy On The Effects

Swirly transitions may look cool when you’re all alone, but how will they appear to a roomful of suit-clad executives? Or what if you’re running behind on time? How awkward will you feel if everyone has to wait for your effects to finish before you reach the next slide?

Increase Your Font Size

Make your words look larger than they need to be. Then go up three more sizes. Your own visual field can’t be trusted since you already know what your slides are saying; your brain will automatically read along even if they’re too cramped for others to understand. Always go bigger than you think you need to go.

These are just a few tips for creating a high-quality PowerPoint presentation. If you need more help, consider asking the experts at a professional PowerPoint company like

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