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The Mac has really come into its own as the ultimate computer for those who own both small and large businesses. There are many excellent programs available for your Mac that can help you manage your finances, track expenses, and holistically help you oversee your business in the most efficient way possible. As you’ve come to expect from your Mac, these programs follow Apple’s example in creating intuitive and attractive interfaces so that nothing comes between you and your finances. Here’s a look at four of the best business software options available for your Mac today.

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AccountEdge is a great suite of programs that keeps you plugged into all of the details of your business from your home and work computers, iPad and even your iPhone. When everything is kept in sync, you can be sure your changes and alterations are always up to date and accurate, no matter which Mac you’re working on. AccountEdge proudly – and rightfully – claims that they make bookkeeping easier, offering free email support to its customers and a wide selection of helpful resources to help you master your business finances. AccountEdge also comes in two varieties for businesses of different sizes: a Pro version which includes all of the tools a large business needs, and a lesser Basic version made for small businesses.


QuickBooks is one of the better known software suites for small businesses, and is certainly among the most trusted options available. Intuit was designed specifically with the Mac in mind, and sports an attractive interface that is effortless to navigate. For your invoice needs, QuickBooks’ latest accounting software for Mac offers an indispensable Bathed Invoice option that allows you to tackle multiple customers at once. You can also easily attach nearly every document type you can think of including proposals, contracts and receipts of service.

Apple Numbers

Numbers, developed by Apple itself, was part of Apples’ useful iWork suite in years past, but can now be purchased on its own from the Mac App Store. Numbers is a full-featured spreadsheet program that comes complete with beautiful built-in templates for nearly everything you need to keep track of, including home and business finances, work and school. You can work from scratch as well, thanks to a flexible free-form canvas. Also, adding media to your spreadsheets, such as photos, videos and even music, is just one click away with Numbers for Mac.


Built from the ground up for Mac users, MYOB is a world-class accounting program that offers tiered levels of service to accommodate the needs of just about any type of business. The basic LiveAccounts package is available for $29 per month (yep, that’s less than $1 a day) and is perfect for small businesses with basic accounting needs or business owners who are just beginning to track their finances. You can try the service risk-free and even get your first 30 days free. LiveAccounts can only be accessed through your browser, while the basic, Pro, and Network Editions give you access to your finances from a desktop computer, iPad or iPhone.

No matter what type of business you own, the Mac can be a great tool if you utilize the software available. From tracking your business finances to staying up to date on deadlines, all you need is the right program. Don’t let another day pass you by without taking control of your business; check out these software options today.

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