Keycard : Lock Your Mac When You Are Not Around

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In our era, We all concern about our computer security all the time. We usually forget ourself to lock our computer while we move from it. Some people have habit of turning off the mac or put into sleep, but it won’t be easy to do often when we talk a walk in Home or College or Office. At some point, we most of us left our mac open most of the time, while getting calls in our phone. Think what if someone take control of it, when you are not around? Complete Mess, Yes i know. You will be grounded when your parents caught your p0rn directory. Just Kidding, lets back to topic.

Today we have a solution for this problem. Appuous developed a saviour app ‘Keycard’ which locks your mac when you are not around. Lets find out what’s special in keycard and how it works.
Keycard Mac app
How it Works:

Keycard secures your mac using Bluetooth connectivity through your Smartphones or Tablets. All you need to pair your iPhone or iPad or iPod or any Android device. When you are not around with your paired device, Mac will lock the screen, so no one can able to access your computer. Not only that, Keycard unlocks your computer automatically when you come near to your Mac, So you don’t have to unlock manually. What if you forgot your phone to take back near your computer? You can easily unlock it by 4 digit code which you saved in the settings earlier. Whew! I love to say ‘Time Saver Trophy’ won by Keycard app.

How Keycard Upgraded :

Keycard Version 1.0 and 1.1 have some negative reviews about sensitivity bluetooth range, but Keycard V 1.2 fixed this issue in better way. Now the Keycard have Sensitivity option, so we can choose as we like. For example, if you choose High, it will lock when you leave few feet away. If you kept Low sensitivity, your mac will lock after long gap between you and mac. New Mac and iOS have better Bluetooth 4.0, so it allows long range. Keep sensitivity as your device and you like.

What Keycard is:

Keycard just hangs in your top menu bar, you can lock and configure the setting from it. You can pair as many devices as you want and keep them active, including the one you are using currently. Some times Bluetooth glitch prevent unlocking the computer, so you should always have 4 digit code for safety. You can set this app to launch in startup and also you can able to hide from the dock. Cluster free app which designed in better way. All you need to worry about your Mac laptop and phone’s battery backup due to usage of Bluetooth all the time.

Shop Keycard from Mac App Store:

Keycard is available in the Mac App store for $6.99. If you concern about your Mac security and it will be worth the money which you going to spent with this Keycard app. Requirements for Keycard app is OS X 10.7 (lion) or above should be installed in your Mac.

Our Rating:

We love to give 4 out of 5 Points for this Keycard app. Really a unique idea and better simple app which satisfies us in our computer Security.

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