How To Remove Babylon Search From The Google Chrome Browser

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I am very interested in surfing and downloading from the Internet. While I am doing so. i always aware of the unwanted toolbar & search bars trying to install into my system. Accidentally I installed the Babylon search extension into my chrome while installing the “Utorrent” software. Such a huge headache by a simple search, when ever I used to open the Google chrome that search page come in-front of my face. I got more irritated due to this issue. Hope so you also having such a irritating moments. Here the steps to remove the babylon search from the browser. Even this method helps to remove other search terms.

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Step 1:

Uninstall the Toolbar Using the Program & Features option in the Control Panel.

Step 2:

Open the Chrome Browser go to the Settings Page and Select the Extension option and remove the unwanted toolbar and add-on’s in the Chrome.


Step 3:

Click on the Settings option below the Extension and On Startup Section, Select ‘Open a specific page or set of pages‘ and Click ‘Set Pages‘ near to that. In the Set Pages section, you can see Babylon search. Remove babylon and add or bing search which one you needed as default.

chrome settings


If still the problem is not solved, just delete the user profile in the settings page. Press Delete this user Button Under the Users section. Now new profile is created for chrome, close the chrome browser and reopen it. Now the Babylon search is removed from your chrome browser.

Tips to Avoid Browser Hijack and Add security to your Browsing:

  • Never install untrusted extensions or add-ons to your browser
  • Most software install browser extensions and toolbars to your while installing the software, avoid that or remove the toolbar after the software installation.
  • If you are going to use shared computer, Before that check extensions and add-ons of the browser. Some spyware extensions will access your cookies, it might lead to hack your accounts.
  • Use ‘Private Browsing’ in Firefox or ‘Incognito Mode’ in Chrome to browse in shared computers. This mode will not store your browsing history, won’t ask for save password, Extensions won’t work until enabled, Cookies cleared while closing the browser.
  • Never use sensitive informations or login credentials in shared computer.
  • Tons of Extensions or Add-ons or Toolbar slow down your Browser. So keep clean.

If you have any doubts regarding Browser security, drop the queries in Comment Section. Happy and Secure browsing.

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