Why Sales People Must Use Twitter ?

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It’s really important that first we should what is twitter ? How it can help sales people to achieve their goals ? Normally what we do is that go, do login, tweets, followers, following, logout and that’s how we think we are connected to friends and celebs and this is it of Twitter. What about building brand name for your business through Twitter ? What about taking your business one step forward to corporate level ? But then a big “Question” arises in mind “How”. Well that’s a valid question and today we are going to discuss it in detail that how one can especially the sales persons use Twitter effectively the way they have never used it before to generate leads for their business.


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In past couple of month i had the chance to meet couple of sales person personally, there we talked about many offline and online marketing techniques, let’s cut it short and start the main topic. What normally these sales people do, they used these social forums to get in touch with the customers, initially they engage them (let’s just say) to make some attractive offer or to get a part time job/services depends on the nature of business.

1.     Company Research:

First things first, Twitter lets you do your home work properly on companies you are looking to target and generate leads. Start from their websites and their social networks twitter profiles. Look to more about these companies their employees and customers once you are done with it you ll have image of the company sketched in your mind , find out the loop wholes, how you or your services/products can fit in to the company, how your services/products you offering can make a difference in the company’s growth. That’s the first step.

2.     Helps You Stay Tuned To Industrial Updates :

Twitters helps you to keep yourself up to date and you must be aware of all the changes happening in the industry weather they are minor or major. Follow the trail whenever you have participate in discussions, watch your competitors closely. Well you must be wondering now How? It just that simple let’s just say you heard about your competitor comes up with something new and interesting offer for customers. Well just tune your twitter account and find out what they have to show on their wall new and interesting. You has to be sharp and quick being a sales person all the time you need to compare your products with your competitors out there in market. What they are offering? what you have under your belt? What and how you or your product/services can make difference to customers which your customer’s not.

3.     Helps You to Find The Right Time:

Don’t push too hard on your customers by calling them every day or dropping emails, both these are the good option when “iron is hot” and you just need to hit the iron. More better and effective way is to communicate with your customers/companies through twitter. Be gentle talk to them every now and then so you ll have all the updates and inside stories about your targeted customers/companies. What they are up to ? When they are free or in meetings, or even travelling for business, this will help you to finalize what time would be the best option to hit the iron. Well all this certainly not guarantee you that the person or company you are targeting will answer your phone call or your proposal about your services/products. But surely this increases the chances of success because you are “hitting the iron” when your lead is actually at work.

4.     Helps You To “Listen In”:

Once you are in circle, than you need to find out first what they had to say about you/your product/services. What they talk about you when they are in professional circle and even in social circle. Again how to do this, well here comes the twitter again. Twitter allows you to know all of this stuff, conversation about you/your product/services. Listen to their talks about you on Twitter.

5.     Makes You Stay In Touch:

Although calling and email conversations are the normal medium use to stay connected with your customers but as the time proceeds these may become useless for you. But social network like Twitter never becomes old or bored. This social network is hell of a way to stay in touch with your customers, so if you are in touch with your customers who knows what can happen may be a lead or two referred by your customers, maybe he buy something more of your service or products. Twitter helps you especially those sales people who actually looking to generate leads or jobs in their field.

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