Why Do We Still Prefer Apple Products Instead Of Other Brands?

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Apple is one of the best known and widely used brands on the market. Whenever Apple comes out with a new product, there are sure to be several copycat products from other brands. However, Apple seems to outperform just about any other tech company in the world. Why is it that so many people love the Apple brand?

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They Were The First On The Scene

Apple was the first company to create a computer that the average person could use. While Microsoft soon became a chief rival, most people were introduced to technology through Apple products. Therefore, it was more likely that these early adopters would pass on their love of Apple products to their children. Schools also primarily used Apple computers when they first came out. This exposed an entire generation of people to Apple computers and other products.

Their Products Are Perceived As Easier To Use

The Mac computer has long been perceived as easier to use than a Microsoft computer as well as more reliable. This ease of use and reliability causes people to stick with the brand that they trust. The reason why the iPhone sells so well is because the technology was groundbreaking as well as user friendly. It doesn’t take more than a minute or two to set up your new phone after your purchase it. With a product such as the Windows Phone, the technology comes off as clunky and full of bugs.

Apple Has Done A Good Job Of Branding

Apple has done a nice job of convincing consumers that they are the hip brand that everyone wants to be associated with. The Mac came out with a computer line that offered consumers their choice of colors that fit their personality. One person could buy a red computer while another person could purchase a lime green computer that matched the color scheme in their office. As it relates to today’s technology, consumers are offered all sorts of ways to customize their Apple products. From cell phone covers to custom wallpaper on their computers, it is easy to be customize your product to conform to your own unique personality.

Other Companies Simply Copy Apple Technology

There isn’t much on the market today that wasn’t created or designed by Apple. Therefore, it is easier to purchase an Apple product even if it may cost slightly more to do so. Purchasing a tablet from a brand other than Apple may result in purchasing a product that isn’t as good as the iPad would be. If something were to go wrong with your new phone, would you be able to get the same level of service if you purchased a Windows Phone instead of an iPhone?

Overall, there are many choices as to which brand a consumer can buy a product from. However, people still flock to Apple for many different reasons. Brand loyalty, quality products and unique marketing tactics are all reasons why Apple continues to dominate the market for tech products at the moment.

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