How to Remove Saved Passwords from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer

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It’s seems to be a simple topic to discuss. But realistically how many of us know where is the password manager exists. At some time being we itself googling for this simple stuff. We use our browser’s various options except this password manager where  frequently used password is saved by us. Here I take the most popular and used browser and reveals the place of the Password Manager.

Let’s Know the Peanut option on the Browsers.

How to Remove Saved Password From Google Chrome (V 23.x)

It is not complicated to delete the saved password on the Google Chrome. The process initiated by navigating to the Settings Page By clicking the Chrome Menu button present on the top right corner of the Browser and Choose Settings.

1) Click the Button and choose Settings

chrome button

2) In Settings Page Click on the Link Show Advanced Settings present at the End of the Page.

Chrome More Option


3) It Shows some additional options on the same page. From that choose Manage Saved Password.


chrome manage saved password


4) Password Manager Window Opens. Click on the corresponding “X” Button to Remove the saved password which you want to Delete. Click On OK to Finish the Process.

chrome pass

Note : Other Password Management options are also available on this Window.

How to Remove Saved Password From Mozilla Firefox (V 17)

1) Click on the Settings link available on the Home page of the Mozilla Firefox.

Note : If you changed the Home page Click on the Firefox Drop Down Menu and Choose Options -> Options.

2) Options Window opens on that click on the Security tab and finally click on the Saved Password button.

3) Saved Password Window Opens. Click on Remove All Button to delete the entire list of saved passwords and Remove Button to remove the selected username and its appropriate password.

moz password


How to Remove Saved Password From Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Comparing the other Browser it is much easier to delete the saved password in the Internet Explorer by a single Click.

Select Tools -> Internet Options.

internet explorer

In General Tab click on the Delete Button Present under the Browsing History category. It will clear all the saved password and auto fill from the browser.

So, here after deleting of the saved password in the browser will not that much though. Instead of googling the option before the friend while working on your computer.

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