How to Customize, Arrange and Delete Photos in Facebook

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Facebook becomes the other identity of all the peoples in a social networking, Which simply makes us to share and enjoy. Facebook Turns and make our mind dip into it, we are really enjoying sharing not only the embarrassing moments but also share our thoughts and sometimes also our feelings. I am a person who wakes up from the bed on the Facebook instead of coffee /Tea. Many of you also of that kind. Is it So???facebook coffee

On Facebook one of the impressive thing , the sharing of the photos. Lots of the people using the Facebook only know’s  the basic options and the setting available in the Facebook. This is the one for that kind of peoples. Here I am going to share how to manipulate across the Photos on the Facebook.

Adding a single photo to your wall is very much easy as all of you people know very well about that. ya, its done on t he home page itself by simply clicking the Upload Photo/Video Link. Then You suppose  to choose the appropriate photo from you Pc.  Now we are slightly dip out finger deeply into the options available on the Facebook to manipulate the photos.

Adding the photos to the Facebook

Nothing made this much easy to make a sharing of photo on your wall. you can easily share your pictures by simply click the Add Photos/Videos Link on the Home page itself. It allow you add a photo or a multiple photos simultaneously in the form of Album.

FB add Photo

(Note : The Photos Uploaded are not in its original resolution as the source )

View and Edit the Photos Uploaded on your profile

You find a link as Photos under the Favorites, Find on the top left corner of the Facebook  Home page. By clicking on the link you can view the entire photos uploaded. All the photos are categorized and viewed on the page as per the year, album name, Image type ( ie., profile picture, Cover Image & Timeline Photo  you uploaded right from the beginning). 

Here you can view the photo in the descending order that is your latest upload at the first. You can view the photos uploaded in the Facebook as per you selection

view photo options

                                         1 ) List the Photos Of you                 2) List all the Photos uploaded by you        3)List the Photos in album view.

Add Photo / Create Album

You can add your photo to your collection by simply clicking the Add Photo Thumbnail link available very first before the photo.

Album is a collection of set of photos with some similarities. Its simple to create a album just navigate to the album simply click on the Create New 

create albumAlbum thumbnail available very first to the list of the album.

You can add lots of information to the album you created. The information’s are like the Album title, Date & Place of the Photo taken, Description about the Album.





(1) Title For the Album & Some Description about the Album.

(2) Click to select the place where the photo’s are taken

(3) Add the date

(4) Tag Friends Button used to tag the friends to view the Photos ( Similar to invite the Friends to view the Photos.)

(5) Click to Add More Photos to the Same Album

(6) If you Click the check box the photo will be uploaded as the same quality & resolution as of the Source.

(7) Click the cancel button if you not wish to continue the process of t he creation of the album.

(8) Set the permissions who else are can able to see the album.

Permission for the Photo

(9) Finally after finishing all the required things just click on the Post Photo Button to post the Album. Thus Album is ready for View.

Tagging Friends In Photos

Facebook has its own built in face recognition algorithms which can identify the different faces in the single photos.On hover the certain face, a box appears asking for that “Click the face to Tag” if they are already the user of Facebook you can simply tag them by clicking on their face. you can also invite the other friends to view the photo by tagging them using the Tag Friends (4) button available at the bottom of the each and every photo.

Highlight the Photo /Edit the Photo

On the top right corner of the each and every photo these two things are available.

1) to highlight the photo. If you highlighted the photo it seems little bigger when compare to the other photos.

2) The Edit options are available by clicking the edit link  that is also available on the every corner of the photo.

 photo options

You can edit the date, location of the photo taken, Download the photo, Make it as a Profile picture / Cover Image, Hide that particular time line.

Arrange the Photo album in Facebook

The photos  Albums are arranged in the descending order as per you upload date/time or by category. You can change that order as per your wish. This is done easily by Drag & Drop  Album at the Appropriate position

(Note: You can’t able to done this in the individual photo)

Share the Album in Facebook

You can share the album of yours/ others by clicking the share link available at the bottom after expanding the album by clicking on the thumbnail.

Delete the Photo

You can also delete the particular photo permanently from the Facebook by choosing the Delete This Photo from the Edit Option.

Additional Options

On hover the mouse on the individual photo there appears a links at the bottom Displays album name ,for view the entire album that photo belongs to, You can also view the comments for that appropriate photo.  Comment to view or make a comment on the appropriate photo. Like /Unlike the Photo.

Make the use of  the options available to customize the photos on the Facebook for add, edit,delete and arrange the photos as per your wish. Make your profile more effective than before.

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