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Grammar and spelling makes the English language a stream. It’s not hard to learn everything about English even though you didn’t take that much of risk to learn this language to the core along with its grammar. Some of us have troubles with the grammar in our mother tongue. With our friends, its not an issue that how you are using the language but at the time you get into some professional work or a business the grammar and spelling are most important. Even if you have a strong knowledge in English, you will make some unpredictable mistakes sometimes.

Making tutorials, comments, advertisement or communication the grammar and spelling takes a main part. While doing such sort of things you mostly concentrate on the content and not on the grammar or a spelling, so there may have a chance of errors. The readers will subconsciously looks for the negatively upon the author who makes mistakes in grammar and spelling.

Each platform has its own inbuilt spell checker apart from that if you need a better proof reader for your content go for additional softwares. There are lots of proof reading softwares available. Some are free of cost and some may ask us to pay.

Lots of online and off line proof reading softwares are available for English in which the Ginger is the one of the simple and effective spell and grammar checking softwares available in the market.


How Ginger Works?

Ginger works on the Natural Language Processing technology. Intended to check both the spelling and the grammar. Even the spelling is correct, it will also check the similar occurrence of the sentence on the web to verify whether it makes any sense. It is helpful for those who have the English as mother tongue and those who use it as an additional language.

Ginger automatically checks the content typed on the web elements or on the text editors. It is integrated with both the desktop and the web application. If there is any mistake then it will be underlined with a thin green line. You should right click on that word to see the suggestions and from that you can select the appropriate one. It shows the error on the real time so it’s easy to make the correction soon.

How to get Ginger?

It’s easy to install Ginger. Just you have to download and install. The Ginger is available only for windows platform with full function. Ginger full function software is not available for Mac and Linux but the Browser Plugins/Extension is available. If you are a Mac user, you can get the plugin for your browser from the Ginger website but Linux version is not listed. It is available at chrome web store as a extension for chrome browser. So you can install it by just navigating to the download page of chrome store by using Google Chrome browser. Let me explain it clearly below.

Get Ginger Plugin for Chrome Browser on Ubuntu (Linux).

Chrome is one of the best browser for fast browsing experience. If you already have the chrome browser then you can directly go for the installation process or else install the chromium browser from the software center or manually download it and install.

The Ginger Plugin was available only for the chrome users in its Chrome web store  as I mentioned above for using this plugin in the Linux platform you need the chrome/chromium browser. 

Open the Chrome/chromium Browser.

To Navigate to Chrome web store Click Here.

Type the keyword  “ginger ” in the application search bar and begin the search. It will show the list of applications. From that select the “Grammar and Spell Checker by Ginger


Click on the Add to Chrome button and add the “Grammar and Spell Checker by Ginger”  to chrome.

Chrome ask for the conformation of the installation of the plugin.


Confirm the installation by clicking on Add button.

The Ginger plugin was added to the Chrome Browser and enabled. You can find the Ginger Icon on the right side of the address bar.

Just finish the installation and use the English without mistakes.

This is best application for online users to sending the mail, making Facebook comments & post, tweet, writing blog., etc., without Grammar and spelling mistakes.


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