Is Apple iPhone 5 a Revolutionary One?

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The Next Generation iPhone is out which comes with faster and thinner than previous generation iPhones. More new features are included like New LTE capabilities, more Resolutions and Powered by iOS 6. Apple Chief executive Tim Cook said “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since the iPhone”. Apple saying this iPhone 5 is the world’s thinnest smartphone. It is an absolute jewel for the Apple Fans.

iPhone 5 Revolutionary One


Now Lets see about the Physical Configuration of the New iPhone 5. It looks like the same exact Leaked images, which comes with uni-body aluminum body with a glass screen. It is the thinnest smartphone which comes with LTE features. Apple said it weighs just 112 grams and also Apple claims 18% thinner and 20% lighter than iPhone 4S. As like iPhone 4S it also comes with two colors Black and White.

Apple’s Marketing Chief Phil Schiller said that the engineering took most challenging task of new manufacturing methods to finish up the New iPhone 5 with extraordinary fit.

iPhone 5 manufacturing

This new iPhone 5 taken us to the next level by having 4″ panoramic screen with 326Dpi. When it is compared with iPhone 4S in Connectivity, it gets good birth of new features of HSPA+, DC-HSDPA and LTE in a single chip and Wi-Fi has dual-channel capability of 150Mbps speed Connectivity. It is powered by A6 brain which makes the iPhone 5 to run 2 times faster in performance and graphics while comparing to the iPhone 4S.

Camera of the new iPhone 5 comes with the Same 8 Megapixel of the previous iPhone but it have slightly improved with some features like hybrid infrared filter, backside illumination and more. The update which covers 40% speed to capture the photos. Image took with iPhone 5, Check below.

iPhone 5 Capture

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Camera have Panorama mode which covers 240 Degrees by stitching the photos to one. Video Recording is same like previous iPhone 1080p FullHD but they comprise Face detection in the video mode now and even you can take still photos while recording your movie, pretty good feature though. Front facing camera is worth of 720p HD, it also comes with backside illuminated sensor and face detection. Now iOS 6 allows you to call your friends through FaceTime over cellular data. The Battery Life is Stable than the iPhone 4S. In iPhone 5 you can make 8 hours of 3G calls, 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, 8 hours of LTE browsing and 225 hours of standby time.

The new iPhone 5 comes with New Dock Connector which is named as “Lightning”, it is 30% smaller than the previous Dock Connector. I wondered how could we use our old dock accessories with new iPhone 5. Do we have to trash those?. The good news is that the convertor works pretty good to use all our old accessories with New Dock. The New Dock also have two sided connectivity so no worries about wrongly plugged.

Lightning port of iPhone 5

Upgraded Microphone? Yes, It has three Microphones on the front,back and Bottom with noise cancelling feature. The Speakers comes with excellent quality which is capable to hear even wide-band audio. The sparkling thing is that the new iPhone 5 is available at the same price tag of iPhone 4S.

Price Rate with  2 Year contact:

  • 16GB model : $199
  • 32GB model: $299
  • 64GB model: $399

Pre-order starts for US, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore and Japan from 14th of September and starts ships from 21st of September. Other Countries which Apple starts selling from 28th of September. INDIA is not specified in other countries list. But they have enumerated that other 100 Countries will get the iPhone 5 on December of 2012. Now you can get iPhone 4S at $99 in contract and iPhone 4 is now free. The sad news is that Apple iPhone 3GS is discontinued.

Finally according to me, Comparing to last Generation iPhone its just slightly improved version, not a revolutionary one. But Apple fans on the globe will grab the new iPhone 5 in their hands to make a Revolution. What’s your opinion about the Apple’s new iPhone? Kindly share it on the Comments.


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