Expand your Smart Phone Storage by using Cloud Drives

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Smart phone rules the world. Each and Everyone using a Smart Phone now a days. In older days, Phones have smaller memory space and it is provided with external memory slots to expand their memory capacity. So Memory Cards have ruled the markets, but nowadays most of the Smart phone comes with good internal memory capacity like 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and so on. Memory Card slots are not provided in the current trend Smart phones by the Manufacturers like Nokia, Apple, Sony and more. Are they trying to smash down the Memory Cards?. What’s Next?

Cloud Drive

How to Expand the Memory Capacity of the Smart Phones?

Our Generation introduced CLOUD Technology by which you can store your files in the Cloud Drives. What is Cloud Drive? Cloud Drives are nothing but a server which provides you some disk space to store your files online and you can access the files from anywhere. Manufacturers of Smart phones are providing Cloud Space for the Smart phones to store our files. For Example iCloud service from Apple, Sky Drive Service from Microsoft, Google Drive Services from Google. Even there are many Third Party Cloud Drive providers to give an excellent service. Let’s see Top Few Cloud Storage Providers.


iCloud Service is provided by Apple and it is only for the Apple Devices. You can use 5GB of Cloud Storage for Free and it also has a Photo Stream feature to store all your camera roll pictures online, Contacts backup, Notes backup and more. So No need to worry about the Internal Capacity of the iPhone. You can also buy more capacity of Storage from Apple if you need.

Sky Drive:

Sky Drive Service is provided by Microsoft. It is not only for the Windows Mobile users, it’s open to all. So you can login to Sky Drive from your Computer or from your Mobile phone apps.  Sky Drive gives 25GB of free space to users to upload their files. You can purchase if you need more space. Download this app in your Smart phone and get 25GB of cloud drive in your phone.

Google Drive:

The Google Drive Service is from Google and it is not only for the Android people but it’s for all. Just you can use the Google drive with your Google account. They provide 5GB free space and even you can upgrade the Space. You can Install the app for your Smart Phone and get few more GBs of Memory.

Drop Box:

Drop Box is a thrid party app for your Smart Phones, PCs and Mac. You can get 2GB for free Space, and which you can access from your computer and even from phone also. If you refer your friend, you will get 250MB of extra space. So refer your friend and get free extra space till 8GB.  Buy if you need more space. You can sync files between Computers and Smart Phones.


The box is also a third party app for your Smart Phone, it is same like a drop box. You can sync files between Computers and Smart Phones. In Box you can get 5GB of space, even more you can buy.

There are still many Cloud Drives around, even you can give a try to those services. I have an iPhone with 16GB of Internal Memory and I use 25GB of Sky Drive, 2GB of Drop Box, 5GB of Google Drive and 5GB of iCloud services too. So its totally efficient for me to store all my data online for free.

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