How to Install Adobe Flash on Nexus 7

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With the announce of Android Jelly Bean OS, a lot of features were introduced. There are apps like Google Now which as of this writing, available for the Jelly Bean users only. If you have been following the Jelly Bean News, you must have heard about the latest improvements it has brought in the Android OS and a lot of things have been revamped. The first device to run on the Android JB is the Google Nexus 7. It is a 7” inch tablet made by Asus in partnership with Google. The tablet has got some nice features and it can become yours for only $199. Yes, it is the cheapest and the only tablet yet with this price tag and running on JB. Although there are many good features in this tablet, it still lacks one main thing which is Adobe Flash.


If surfing Flash enabled websites is one of your daily task, you will be disappointed by Nexus 7. It does not have Adobe Flash Player hence you cannot surf the websites based on it. You don’t have to be frustrated as the developers over at XDA have something good for you. They have developed a custom ROM consisting of Adobe Flash and it can easily be installed on your tablet. All you need to do is just follow the simple guide given below and you will end up having Flash Player installed on your device.


  • In order to install this custom ROM on your tablet, you should have rooted it. First root your tablet and then install ClockworkMod Recovery on it.
  • Download the custom ROM from here.
  • You will not need to root your device again as this custom ROM is pre-rooted and has Flash installed on it.
  • If the battery level of your device is low, please charge it fully.

After matching up with the above requirements and downloading the ROM file, you can install it on your device by simply following the steps given below.

Steps to Install Adobe Flash on your Nexus 7:

  • The first thing you should do is save the ROM file in any convenient location on your computer. If you put the file in any deep folder, you won’t be able to access it later.
  • Once you have the file on your computer, just connect your tablet to your computer and transfer the ROM file. It will take a few seconds to finish this task.
  • As soon as you see that the file has been fully transferred, disconnect your device from the computer.
  • From the App Drawer of your device, open up the ROM Manager app. It should be there because you have rooted your device as well as have flashed ClockworkMod Recovery.
  • Choose Reboot into Recovery from the ROM Manager actions list. It should reboot your Nexus 7 into the CWM Recovery.
  • Once you have access to Recovery, choose install zip from sdcard>>choose zip from sdcard.
  • Navigate to the ROM file which you transferred in the step-2 and select it.
  • The flashing will start and within a few minutes, it will finish.
  • Choose Reboot system now and the device will reboot into the Normal mode.

The procedure ends here. You have successfully installed the Adobe Flash on your Nexus 7 and from now on, you can see contents of any Flash enabled website. You will also find Superuser app in the App Drawer, it helps you manage file rights on your device and to provide Superuser access to other apps.

This is a guest post by Mahesh who blogs at GeeksWonder.

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