4 Ways to Keep Your Facebook Fans Happy

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Whether you have a Facebook Fan Page for your growing business or for your small garage band, you have a Fan Page and you have fans. Now you must maintain your Fan Page and keep your fans wanting more. A common mistake for Fan Page owners is that they tend to neglect their fans. A Fan Page is an excellent way to maintain and grow your product or business. Don’t leave your fans out in the cold this winter, follow these tips and get to work:

Facebook Fans

Status Updates:

Before updating your status, keep in mind what time it is. Facebook tends to see more traffic during lunch hours and when users are home from work. Post mid-day and then again close to the evenings and of course keep your posts going on the weekends. Make sure your posts are friendly, informative and interesting.


We are visual society that needs and wants to see everything that is going on. Post pictures daily of the office, new products or something you think your fans will enjoy. Keep your fans wanting more by not flooding them with hundreds of pictures. Think of the pictures as a teaser. Create photo albums with names that would intrigue the fan, then slowly build the album with matching posts that say, ‘stay tuned, more pics to come!’

Keep Positive:

A great phrase that is floating around Facebook, “Facebook is not your diary.” Keep your personal feelings and business separate. Refrain from posting your frustrations and remain positive. Anything negative will turn your fan off. Also just like your mom told you, avoid discussing two things: Religion and Politics. A good tip about handling negativity: If you receive a negative comment, respond quickly and professionally then follow up through personal messaging. Chances are most of your fans saw that negative comment and are watching for your response. As much as you want to, do not delete that response. It will only give off the message to your fans that a possible mistake has been made on your behalf.

Ask Questions:

Engaging your fans with questions as your status updates, is a great way to get your fans active and makes them feel more valuable.  It can be simple question like, ‘It’s almost the weekend, any fun plans friends?’ or something pertaining to your company like “What do you think about our newest product?”

Follow these rules and feel free to get creative. Everyone now and then shout out to a fan and thank them for a comment or their loyalty. Enjoy your fans and your fans will enjoy you. Nothing grows a business better than a happy fan, word of mouth is the cheapest form of advertising. Happy Posting!

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This Guest post is by Christine Kane from internet service providers, she is a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @ gmail.com.

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