Why Branding in SEO is the Big Shift in Online Marketing

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Here’s the deal: you are your brand. And with the rise of social media now well and truly effected, companies that don’t have a brand (you’d be amazed how many businesses don’t) are in trouble.


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Remember, people don’t like to interact with a corporation in their social circles. So you have to get them to interact with a brand message espoused through a person. If you don’t have a brand, your people can’t espouse its message. Round and round you go, with no clear personality to deliver to your target market. That’s caused a lot of problems recently for some pretty massive businesses – my own dealings with a certain red and white phone company, whose brand message is clearly not known by its employees, have led to a quote staggering amount of confusion – whose sprawled nature means they find it very hard to maintain a coherent brand presence in the social media.

Good news for the little guys then. Here’s how to do it:

Vision is Everything

What you look like, unfortunately, is important to most people in this world – and that’s why all brand identities begin with a logo and a colour scheme. Your logo is supposed to be shorthand for what you are – so it should capture what you sell, and the kind of personality you want to align your product or service with.

Colour choice is important. Garish is bad but bright is good; understated can be nice but too pale is seen as wishy washy. The logo, colours and font of your business are so important I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend that you buy professional assistance on this one.

Your Friends Make You Who You Are

In the social media, as in the real world, who you hang out with defines who you are. So get ready to do some research because you need to find out who you want to hang out with.

In social media terms, your friends, followers and circles are advertising. They advertise (again just like in the real world) to people and groups or businesses that would probably fit well with you. Think of it like this: if you walk into a bar where everyone is wearing tats, ripped leather and massive piercings, you feel pretty out of place if you aren’t wearing the same. The social media is the same. People advertise to each other by aligning themselves with friends and followers whose interests coincide with their own. Your most fruitful advertising ground lies within your own social network.

Don’t Be Afraid to Pay

Facebook and LinkedIn both offer paid advertising opportunities to subscriber businesses. You can use the placement of banner ads on sites like these to augment your brand. Research the social graph of your followers, members of your circles and influential industry pages you would like to get close to – and target your advertising accordingly. For example, having a banner ad for your brand of spanner displayed at the top of the screen when a DIY enthusiast’s group is logged in, brands you as good for the DIY enthusiast. Or you can go one further and set up your own DIY enthusiast’s page, which you can then brand with your own stuff to your heart’s content.

Content Your Users With Your Content

It’s called “content” for a reason. It makes people happy. It is useful to them. It makes their lives easier and better. It contents them. That’s the moral of every social media branding story. If you are not supplying resources and information that people in your social network actually want and need, then you will lose your battle for customers.

Customer Service Costs Nothing

And is extremely useful in raising your brand profile. In a world (I refer you back to my comments at the start of this post) where bad customer service is everywhere, great customer service brands you for life. Miss no opportunity to use social media to deliver better customer service.

A happy customer is a customer who will spread links on your behalf. Everything you do should be aimed at customer fascination and satisfaction.

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Sara Parker is a Freelance and Staff writer who writes informative & creative articles on SEO and Technology for various search engine optimisation company. Her expertise are in writing articles related to internet providers, best SEO practices, Social media etc. 

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