The Benefit of Regular Online Speed Tests

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When was the last time you did your internet speed test? How fast was it then? What do you think about your internet speed then compared to the speed you’re getting now?

Most people believe there isn’t a need to test their internet connection constantly. In fact, some of them only test their internet connection once, which is probably after they just purchased their internet connection, and as a result can’t really know when something is wrong with their internet connection.

I’m someone who believes in the importance of, and alwaysemphasizes, regular internet speed test, and in this article I will be sharing with you some of the top benefits of regular online speed tests.

Discover Your Real Internet Speed

The first, and most important, benefit of conducting regular internet speed tests is that it helps you discover your real internet speed. While it is easy to just test your internet speed once and expect everything to be okay, that isn’t always going to be the case; and conducting regular internet speed tests will help you know how fast your internet connection really is.

For example, after having problems with one of my internet connections I decided to try out a new ISP that I’ve been hearing good things about. I did a speed test of the internet connection the first day I got it and noticed download speeds of over 2mbps. I did a speed test the second day and noticed around the same speed level. I decided to conduct a speed test a few weeks after and I noticed I was getting a meager 700kbps; and the speed has always been the same ever since.

Don’t just test your internet speed once and forget it; the best way to know how fast your internet connection is, really, is by testing it constantly.

Note When Something is Wrong with Your Internet Connection and Request a Quick Fix

In your own case you might observe the real internet speed you are supposed to get on day one, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on testing your internet connection regularly altogether. Testing your internet connection regularly has a lot of benefits, and one of those benefits is that you can easily note when there is a problem with your internet connection or with your ISP; for example, if you’ve been getting download speeds of around 10mbps for years only to start getting around 2mbps suddenly, you will know with certainty that the problem is with your ISP.

Get Tips and Advice on How to Improve Your Internet Connection

One little known benefit to performing regular internet speed tests is that you also get tips and advice on how to improve your internet connection speed. Almost every internet speed test site I know about gives you tips and advice on what to do to make your internet faster, especially tailored towards your internet connection; and you can easily use these tips to take your internet connection to the next level.

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This guest post is written by Paul Tobis, a Broadband Expert writer.

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