Sign Into Your Google Account Without Typing Anything

[Update] Google Just Temporarily Closed this Experiment. It will be back soon and we will let you know

All we know, now a days Security breach is high on everywhere. We use Public Shared Computers like College lab, Internet Cafe, etc. Do we have security while we logging in our Account?. They may have installed Keyloggers or anyother Trackers to Track our Username and Passwords, so its easy to them to hack our account. Now Google made a Excellent feature that you can Sign in your Google accounts (all Google Products like Gmail, Picasa and more) without typing anything in Public Computers. Lets see how to do that!!

Google Sesame

First you should open in insecure shared Computer. It will show you QR CODE in the Windows. Now Just take your iPhone, Android or some other smartphone which having QR Scanning ability.  (If you don’t Have any QR Scanner app, Get Google Goggles from here). Just open your QR Scanner app and take a shot of QR CODE which is showing in the Computer which is generated at Now your QR Scanner will open Google Login page in your phone, Just Sign in your Google account in your phone. Now your google account will log in automatically in the Public Shared computer without typing anything.

Logging in your phone is Secure because its your phone, so Now you don’t need to Type your Username and Password in Public Computers. After finishing, Don’t forget to logout your Google account in the Public Computer.

I actually used to do this while i use internet cafes, my Friend’s home, College Labs, etc. Hope all you networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc will bring this Security update very soon.

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