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One of the most popular phones at the moment is another phone from the Nokia series – the Nokia Asha 300. Namely, this smartphone has been announced in October last year, and since then it has attracted a lot of publicity. Some of the key benefits of purchasing a phone like this one include the fact that Nokia Asha 300 is a small phone which is very affordable and certainly doesn’t lack quality. Moreover, the phone has been designed to be as simple as a phone can get, and therefore, it can easily be fitted into the category of some of the most amazing Nokia phones.

Nokia Asha 300 Design

As it has already been mentioned in the above text, the Nokia Asha 300 is a pretty simple phone when it comes to everything related to this phone. Its design is not an exception to this, as it has also been simplified. However, Nokia Asha 300 has been simplified just enough to make the phone pleasant to the eye, without losing its stylish look. It has a 2.4-inch touchscreen and an alphanumeric keypad. All of this has been fitted into no more than 85g, including the phone’s battery, which is pretty lightweight for any phone.

Nokia Asha 300 Hardware

This smartphone has a great and, according to its users, a rather fast 1GHz processor. A fast processor is extremely important, as it helps users perform some of the most common tasks on the phone with great speed. This includes browsing the World Wide Web and opening any type of applications on the phone. The phone’s built-in storage is 140MB, but the storage space can be easily increased with a MicroSD or a MicroSDHC card, as the phone contains slots for them. The memory can be expanded up to 32GB, and this is a big amount of free space that allows the users to store their music, pictures and a couple of movies on there, alongside with all the other valuable data in their possession.

Nokia Asha 300 Camera and Battery

This phone is said to have an amazing camera at 5 megapixels. The camera is perfect for taking pictures as well as it allows the user to make top-notch videos. When this is combined with a lot of storage space on the phone, Nokia Asha 300 is the perfect phone for making and storing multimedia content. When it comes to this phone’s battery, it can be said that the phone has an incredibly durable battery. When the battery’s power is put into numbers – it can provide you with up to six hours of talking, and you can listen to your favorite music for more than a day or, to be more precise, for 28 whole hours.

It is not a high cost or an extraordinary design that make Nokia Asha 300 great, but this is not a disadvantage, as it may seem at first. The phone is not the best-looking one, but it is one of the most beautiful phones, which makes it possible for people to get it and pay a reasonable amount of money.

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