How to Export Feedburner Email Subscribers in CSV File

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Feed burner is the one of the best feed service for blogs. If you are planning to transfer your feed service from Feed burner to some other services like Mail Chimp, Mail pro or any other this is really helpful for you. Lets see how to export the Feed burner Email Subscribers in CSV file format.


Step 1:

Go to and login with your login details. Now select the Feed which you want to export the Email of Subscribers.

Feedburner step 1

Step 2:

It will show you the FEED STAT DASHBOARD of your feed. Under the Graph, you can find Total number of Subscribers. Under that you can find “SEE MORE ABOUT YOUR SUBSCRIBERS” link, Click that link.

Feedburner step 2

Step 3:

Now scroll down to “EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES” heading. You can see Feedburner Email Subscription, click that and Click Manage your email Subscription list.

Feedburner step 3

Step 4:

Now you can see EXPORT option, Click CSV to download the CSV file.

Feedburner step 4

The Downloaded CSV file can be imported to any other services or used for backups. Still you have doubt in this check the tutorial video below.

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