Galaxy Ace Plus Will Be Available Soon For Samsung Smartphone Lovers!

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A look at the ‘Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus’ and your heart is all set to turn to mush at the sight of this splendid phone. If you are a smart phone lover and want one that fits your range of affordability and has all that you are looking for in a phone to own then Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is the phone for you.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus?

The manufacturer company wanted it to be sleek and yet stylized and that is what they have created in the form of Samsung Galaxy Ace, a smart phone that is all set to be launched upon a very much expecting number of smart phone lovers. Get ready to book your set because it is going to be something different from the rest!

Samsung is the only phone manufacturer company in the world that has a range of best smart phones in mid ranges that are affordable by all. In January 2012, Samsung has now officially unveiled their Galaxy Ace Plus, which is all set to contain new and improved phone specifications and features compared to the older versions of the android smart phone range of the company.

Phone specifications of the Device

  • Running on the Android Gingerbread v2.3 operating system, the Galaxy Ace Plus by Samsung will be a revolutionary phone in the world of mid range smart phones by Samsung. The early reviews of the phone confirm it to be more efficient and compatible with its user’s needs as compared to HTC Wildfire and other similar phones of the range.
  • The phone will also contain its own user interface, called the Samsung Wiz 3.0
  • Another powerful feature of this mid range smart phone is its efficient and strong processor. Coming with 1 GHz processor, the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is a more powerful and efficient phone than its competitors like Blackberry Strom 2 in the market.
  • The phone will have a built in storage of 3 GB and an internal RAM of 512 MB, much more as compared to its predecessor smart phones of the same manufacturer.
  • 5 megapixel auto focus camera with flash

What’s more to the Samsung Device?

The phone has got a sleek and stylized look to itself. Rather than the matte plastic look of its predecessor Galaxy mid range phones by Samsung, Galaxy Ace Plus will have a more glossy appearance. However, much of the device’s hardware will remain the same, as quoted by the manufacturers.

At this stage however the availability and the price of the phone at which it will be available in the market is still unknown. With the splendid attributes available in this mid range smart phone it is wise to wait for the final announcement of its availability in the market before you can plan on making a new purchase for a smart phone. Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus will definitely give you a better deal than all the other expensive range smart phones available in the market.

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