Amazing iPhone Apps That Can Make Your Job Interviews Awesome

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Your iPhone rings and you get nervous and many of butterflies start flying in your stomach when you hear that it is a call for an interview. Woo! That’s a exciting news, then why you are nervous; Ohh, so you don’t have much of the ideas to prepare for the battle!!! Well not to worry as following amazing iPhone apps which prepare you for the next level and will suggest you on crucial points to be take care in the interview.

iphone interview app

Business Secrets

It’s a perfect business app which reveals 50 secrete which are really helpful specially when you go for a management or business related interviews. Showing up your capabilities with confidence that you are a perfect business expert and have the competency to be the part of the said firm is the biggest challenge in the interview process, but with tips from this app you can easily face any thrown challenge and can also reveal your business handling capabilities and leadership quality.

Price: $2.99


These days, interviewer also focuses on asking current business figures and trend and hence it is important for the interviewee to be aware about the economy and recent business trends. CNN is an iPhone app which keeps you update about daily topics, business trends and activity in the worlds economy. With CNN app you can even get the news alerts and hence you will not even miss the single news on the world’s economy and will be able to answers all the questions in the economic section.

Price: Free

iFlatter – Compliment Yourself

Well, just like you everyone in this world prepare for the interview with strong efforts, but why only few become eligible for compliments from the interviewer. No doubt you might be competent in studies and in your skill, but there are lots many streams where only knowledge is not enough to grab the opportunity. iFlatter is the kind of iPhone app which provide you the opportunity to be the compliments from your interviewer. This app suggests and recommends you the ideas from which you will surely receive compliments like ‘Nice tie color’, ‘that shirt suits your personality’ and many more such!

Price: Free Interviews by Monster Worldwide

If you don’t have much of the experience of interviews under your umbrella then don’t be nervous, you won’t get wet from the rain of tricky questions from the interviewer. This free app for iPhone will prepare you for every moment and phases of interview. Right from the greetings to the necessary conversation you need to make to bring the attention of interviewers on your competency and key aspects, this app will train you in all aspects. When you get the job and get into dilemma, to join or not to join, then this app will also suggest you to take right and fruitful decision. It also provides salary negotiating tips.

Price: Free

Jobjuice Marketing

Last but on the list, in our list is the JobJuice marketing app which is especially for marking and MBA folks. This app focuses on projecting and showcasing your greatest strength in the most appropriate way and to direct your management interview in your favor. This smart app cost you USD 14.99, but frankly speaking it is worth to pay for.

Price: $14.99

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