11 Awesome sites that links to you for using them

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This is a guest post by Aman Singh. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

So, you do this and that for linking. And I think that every starting blogger does that. Linking is one of the main concerns for bloggers. I mean, that’s  what tells Google which site is better and which is not. It is achieved by counting the links to one page. Actually, google was earlier known as backrub. Just because it used the links to one site to rank it further up or down. But, you still need to build links for your articles or they won’t get any further.

Getting links from a site can be a tough task. And that also when your blog is just starting up. So, dropping comments to other sites is one thing. And getting good links is another. We are going to tell you about the third one i.e. sites that links to you for using them. This is not a story but true. I have seen the links myself.

So, here is the awesome list.

  1. Twitter : Not a new thing, you must have known that twitter have a URL section at the profiles page of all the users. You can edit it and get a link. Twitter supplies links to your sites but that doesn’t mean that you build many twitter profiles to get many links to your sites. This won’t help you at all.
  2. Woorank : This awesome stats site links to your for using it. Don’t believe it? Go to woorank.com. Search for your site. In two or three days. You will get the link.
  3. Statscrop : This awesome site is also a site information providing venture and allows you to get link from it just by using it. Search for your site and get the link.
  4. Siteintel : This site also makes you search for your URI and get links automatically.
  5. Downformeoreveryone : Down for me or everyone is an very interesting site that allows you to check if a site is online or not. You can get a link by the same.
  6. GPLUS.DE.ME : When Google plus was launched. No one thought that this micro blogging site would provide a link to their home pages. You can do the following by going to gplus.de.me/yourprofileid.
  7. Topsy : Topsy.com allows you to have a link back to your site from twitter profile. If you have checked your pre-linked twitter profile in topsy, then you will get the link indexed in one or two days.
  8. Builtwith : Built with.com allows you to check the codes of a website and other special details such as whois and domain registration details. The most exciting part of the thing is that it also tells you the location of the server of that particular site.
  9. Twitaholic : This is another asset of twitter that automatically propagates your link as you check your twitter stats (Only if your twitter ID is linked to your blog URI.
  10. Mirror labs : labs.mirror.me/googleplus/your profile ID. This is the link that will  link to you if you specify your site to the Google Plus profile.
  11. Sitefinder : This Indian site also links to you f you try to check your stats on it.

So, there you have it. 11 awesome sites that link to you just for using them. Isn’t it fantastic that you get a link for using a site. While, you get these 11 links very easily. I think that you would be happy enough to save your efforts and time.

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This is a guest post by Aman Singh who runs a sports bet site. He also manages some other sites in his own network.

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