Protecting Your Computer Part 2: Backup and Data Recovery

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You’ve installed all the latest antivirus software, and it’s always up-to-date. You pick through emails with a fine-tooth comb before opening and you never visit untrusted websites.


Then Murphy’s Law strikes, and everything goes wrong: you get a virus that’s fatal to your hard drive’s short existence.

The first step: don’t panic. Because after all, you’re a diligent PC user who has already installed the latest backup software and data recovery software. Your files are safe, and your computer’s restoration is a few clicks away.

Unfortunately, real life is a little different. Most of us don’t regularly backup our files or even have a clue about data recovery software. So for the rest of us, a computer virus attack rarely plays out with such ease. When disaster strikes, it strikes with a vengeance leaving you staring at a blue screen with tears in your eyes.

The best way to protect yourself from a Murphy’s Law meltdown is to prepare. Here is a list of the best Backup Software, Online Backup Software and Recovery Software available. At the very least, it’s a reminder to not panic.


Backup Software

  • File Synchronizer Professional: Although it comes with a $70 price tag, you can trust your data with File Synchronizer. For Windows, Mac and Linux, you can backup your files online or to disk and a wide range of support systems are available anytime you have questions. CNET gave File Synchronizer its top rating.
  • AlmerSoft: This Windows-only backup software will store databases, documents, preferences and files to any hard disk. CNET also gave AlmerSoft a top rating, though at $59, only somewhat less than File Synchronizer, you won’t be able to backup your files online with this software.


Online Backup Software

  •  SOS: With storage space of 50GB for $90 per year, SOS’s price may turn away some customers. However, when CNET, Laptopmag, Notebook Review, and PC Magazine give rave reviews of a product, it doesn’t go unnoticed. SOS offers payment plans by month, year, 2-year and 3-year for file syncing and remote access to files. This is a great product if you never want to worry about having enough space.
  • DropBox: DropBox is SOS’s free counterpart, with significantly less storage space. A basic account, with limited storage space, is free, but for those looking for more, a 50GB account comes in at $120 a year.


Recovery Software

  •  Pandora Recovery: You can’t beat the price tag of a free product. Pandora Recovery isn’t only a product for the masses because it’s free though; it’s versatile recovery options – external hard drives, IDE, RAID, Serial ATA and SCSI – make it a quality option as well. You can even run Pandora from a USB drive to recover your files.
  • DiskInternals: Though its $100 price tag might deter some users looking for inexpensive recovery, DiskInternals is fully automated so the recovery process is streamlined and fool proof. Choose this product for its reliability, especially if it’s your first time restoring a drive.

By utilizing antivirus, backup, and recovery software, you can protect those crucial work documents as well as the cute pictures that you haven’t got a chance to upload to Facebook yet.  The listed programs are great examples of some of the best available to protect you from pulling out your hair on that inevitable day of reckoning at the hands of a virus.

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