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The PDF format is a widely used format in offices, schools and home around the globe, butit seems as if it is not that popular on the web.

For example, some web designers prefer to use real HTML documents instead of PDF documents on their websites.HTML pages are easily indexed by search engines and reading is more convenient in this format as well. The general conclusion is that using HTML is simply more convenient.

Therefore, for many online-related purposes, it is important to have a tool that can convert PDFs to HTML files.

One of the best free online services for converting PDFs to HTML is This service allows you to convert PDFs to HTML for free, preservingthe layout and contentofthe original PDF and creating searchable text and embeddable images.  The HTML will also be able to be downloaded as a zip file.

In order to convert your documents, go to   Click on “Browse” to upload your PDF document, enter your email, and click “Send.” PDF files of up to 30 MB in size can be uploaded. After clicking “Send,” you should be receiving a link to your converted document via email shortly. Once you receive it, click on the link in the email to see a preview of your new HTML document.

If you are satisfied, click on“Zip” to download the HTML document to your computer.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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