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Barcodes are the machine-readable data encoded images which are built with miscellaneous information related to an item. This is a unique technology in which the information’s are been encoded in a weird image which can be only read by a special machine code reader. So a barcode thus contain any type of data, ranging from the price of an item to the download link of a song which are made in such a manner that the information is completely converted into image. Therefore this barcodes are now the highlight topic to discuss used in the internet in the form of QR codes, to distribute links among users.

You need to click the Link to download this software:

Therefore you can view the generated code in the above window. So you need to enter the required values to convert the information to the image. You can even change the type of code you want to generate from the image. Barcode Generators are the application which lets you to generate and export barcodes into images and this application supports these following formats PNG, JPG, TIFF and GIF

The output formats are which almost all 1D and 2D barcode types can be created using this application including Code bar, Code 39, EAN-8, Book land, Data Matrix, QR Code etc. There the interface has list of options at the left which are to edit the barcode are available to the right. To get start with the application at first you need to select the barcode type from the symbology list. Then you need to perform the under General tab on the right, specify basic barcode options, such as, Enter the required link in value, and then choose the Additional Text, select Margins and Quite Zones etc.

To change the appearance of the barcode generator, click the option Appearance tab at the top. Therefore it allow you to specify Background color, Foregroundcolor, Captionfont, Additional Caption font, Smoothing mode and Text Rendering so you can be able to make them according to your choice.

Further all the changes will be viewable in the preview pane at the bottom. Hence you can rotate the barcode image to left or right and you can even change its resolution. Whenthe entireconfigurations are done you need to save the changes and save the barcode to file to save the image. Barcode Generator works on Windows XP, Vista and 7 as well.


This awesome application which are used to convert the information into image with the related items from the components which includes for desktop and web applications development. This Barcode Generator which thus supports almost all 1D linear 2D Multidimensional barcodes. Therefore you can even add barcodes to PDF documents and this unique feature of barcode generator where the application is built-in automatic validation of barcode value. Hence you can even adjust the visual appearance including font, font size, and foreground and background colors. There you can even export generated barcode as EMF, JPG, PNG and many other files formatsetc.
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