7 WordPress Plugins to harden your blog’s security

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This is a guest post by Aman Singh from Blogogeek. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Nowadays, most of the good blogs  are registered on WordPress(Self-hosted). And as you keep gaining more and more visitors to your blog. The number of attempts by hackers to crack into your Blog increases and thus it may cause harm to your blog. This can be prevented by using plugins that helps your blog stay away from hackers and crackers. Now, we will focus on some of the plugins that can prevent your blog from being hacked. Actually, those wordpress plugins are always there for any WordPress blogger to help them out of any problem.

Blog Security

Many times, there are nearly 100 attempts per day in a blog having 1000 visitors per day. And the number keeps increasing as your visitors increase. It is a passion for many of the hackers to get into a very reputed blog. But, there comes the security plugins. These plugins are all updated and best suggested by pro-bloggers.

  1. WP security scan : This plugins increases the security of your blog by simply capturing the logins to your admin dashboard from different regions on the Globe. It is used by many good bloggers and preferred to most. You can download it here or see some more details.
  2. WP DB Backup : This plugin allows you to backup your directory and prevents you from loosing all your data to someone. Think of it, even if your Blog gets hacked, you can re-install your blog. It  allows you to never lose your posts or anything else. Download it here.
  3. Ask Apache Password Protect : This plugin helps you to manage your passwords and automatically ask for passwords if some suspected activity is recognized in the admin area. Download it here or see the details.
  4. Stealth Login : This Plugin is one of the most interesting one. What this plugin actually does is simply change the login URL for your admin area. When, it is easy for other bloggers to identify your Login URL by using yourblogurl/wp-admin. This one can stop them from attempting login to your blog. Download it here or see the details.
  5. Sabre : The plugin is the short form of Simple Anti-Bot Registration Plugin and as the name simplifies, this plugin prevents the bots from automatically registering to your Blog(For guest blogging mainly). This plugin will let only humans to register and all else things and Black hat tools will be stopped. Download it here.
  6. Admin SSL Secure Plugin : This plugin, as the name says; makes it necessary for the user to login only in the SSL enabled area. You can simply download it.
  7. Limit login attempts : This plugin is very useful as it does the work of a strict login  checker and also limits them if there are frequent attempts to login to the dashboard. Download it here. A similar plugin of this is the User locker.

Thanks for reading this post. We hope you like it, keep coming and enjoy your wordpress experience. Got any better plugin than these, give us the feedback.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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