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This is very important thing while using a social media those are consistency, privacy and time consuming.  Previously if we want to see any of our posts which had been posted very long back it will take so much time to load.  But now by the use of Timeline we just scroll down the profile page at the time itself we can see our older posts and our whole life in a single page.  It summarizes all of our important information. Now a days the Social Medias are using not only for entertainment purpose and also it is used for business purpose also.  Business peoples are also using the Facebook to promote their product and get a feedback from their customers and more.  So whenever changes in Facebook it will also affect or useful to business people.  Here I listed a few changes which are not relevant to your personal profile, but how these changes affect your business.


Changes to Facebook Round 1:

Facebook has changed few things in the home page itself.  If we missed any post from a few weeks back, then Facebook began changes at the end of that month with our status update bar and privacy and sharing settings.  Few things I highlighted in below that

  • Instead of “Profile” now we have thumbnail and the name of the user you logged in as with your profile image.
  • “Account” has been replaced with a simple arrow point which gives your entire account, privacy and logout settings.
  • Now we can approve tags on pictures before others can see them and also we no longer need 25 likes on business page in order to grab to custom URL.

Changes to Facebook Round 2:

Facebook has introduced the timeline features, which gives the priority on the most visible updates on your profile.  Timeline works by showing you all of our recent content.  As you go back in time, it will summarize important information and if we go further back it will summarized your content gets.  As I told earlier the timeline tells whole story of your life on a single page.

According to Mishable.com, these changes will give more pressure to Business to come up with compelling and integrate themselves further into customer’s lives.  Here I have listed 3 important changes which are affecting business people.  Those are

1.”Like” is out:

To avoid the irrelevant updates in the Facebook, it has added a control in the top of each story that users can check to unmark top story.  Facebook will use that information over time to automatically edit the feeds.  So that users now have more control over their feeds.  Due to this Business with boring updates no longer get as many “likes” as possible.

2. “Share” is in:

Facebook gave an opportunity to their users to share the information.  It is an opportunity for your business and the content you post on your Facebook page.  By the use of this sharing feature we can create opportunities for our users to share stories about our business or services.

3. Timeline:

Timeline is not only used to view past things.  We can post pictures or events about their past.

Since it has a wonderful sharing opportunity, surely it will help to business people.  So these Facebook updates are exciting and good opportunity for business to grow as a brand.

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