Child Home Safety – Large Screen TV Child Safety Tips You Must Know

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The bigger the TV, the more dangerous it can be. There have been several reported cases of children being injured by falling TV sets – in one case being killed – kicking around on the internet recently. A blog post with the same title as mine talks about a girl called Kayla (from Australia I believe), who spent over six weeks in hospital recovering from emergency cranial surgery after a 30kg big screen TV fell on her from on top of a chest of drawers.

Modern flat screen TVs weigh a lot more than you would think. They’re certainly heavy enough to do damage, particularly if they drop off a poorly fixed wall mounting bracket. To the head of a child standing directly beneath a big screen TV falling off a wall, the impact is like a falling log.

Child safety

When you buy a flat screen TV, you must make sure that the brackets or stand you choose to mount it on are fit for the job. In all cases, using the manufacturer’s own stand or bracket is recommended – these items have been designed specifically to support the weight of the television in question.

If you free mount a flat screen TV on the “foot” that its manufacturer has supplied with it, you should make sure that the area on which it is mounted is sufficient to take the footprint of the stand. You should also make sure that there is enough space between the stand and the edge of the object the stand has been stood on, to ensure there is no danger of an impact starting the TV rocking.

If you choose to use an all in one stand (one of those stand/table affairs that incorporate full media centre shelving) you must again make sure that it is suitable for your TV. If you have purchased the TV from your satellite cable provider as part of your package, you will probably be offered a manufacturer approved multimedia stand suitable for the model in question. Accept it. In all cases, whether you’re offered a stand or not, you should ask the satellite TV provider’s advice on what size or kind of stand you should use.

Wall brackets are the same. In most cases you will have to purchase wall brackets separately from your TV – and, again, in all cases you should make sure that you buy a bracket either made by or approved by the TV manufacturer.

Child safety

Hanging a TV on a wall bracket is a dangerous job. Get the children away from the site you’re working at and make sure you have at least one other person to help. Really you should have two to hold the TV while you attend to the fixings.

A TV dropping from its position on the wall onto your foot could result in your finishing the day with fewer toes than you started it with, so do be very careful. Follow the instructions that come with the bracket to the letter., Make sure you choose the correct wall to hang the TV on and find studding to locate the load bearing bolts. Again, if you have questions ask your satellite TV provider, who may be able to help.

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