Six ways to increase facebook fans

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There is no fun in having only a few friends as you will find that with more friends and friends of friends to unknown people, Facebook is the place to discuss everything down under the sun to a wider audience, receiving more response than you would do get so from your friends. Here are a few tricks that will help you to get more Facebook fans.

Facebook Fans

1. Engage with your fans:

Respond to people who respond to you, so that when you post something you will be finding yourself getting involved in interesting discussions. One of the other ways to engage your fans is to post a contest or develop an application that will conduct a quiz, which will trigger many to turn out to be friends out of curiosity to know more about you.

2. Be consistent:

Being consistent is the best way to expose yourself as a good friend, and moreover, you are only to going to interact online doing no harm to anyone, as long as you do not scam. You will be getting more friends when you are consistent in responding to posts or asking for help or sharing relevant content.

3. Add to your email signature:

Include the link to Facebook in your email signature. This way you will be able to reach more customers and clients, who will also be interested in linking with you and be easily updating about their status instantaneously via Facebook. This way you can increase the number of friends or fans for your facebook account page.

4. Post a link in Facebook wall:

This is one of the most simple ways of increasing your friends or fans for your facebook page. All you need to do is to add a link using a @tag, which will help you to post a link to the profile wall everytime you post something new and will act as a source of inviting more friends and fans to your facebook page.

5. Pictures:

The mantra and the current trend are the pictures, and you will find yourself that pictures will speak more than words, and when you keep posting new and latest to the best pictures of yours and your progress, there will be much more invitations of fans to your Facebook fan page than anyone else. You can quickly build on your fan page this will. You can keep your pictures on rotation to invite more facebook fans, as some might have missed out your older pictures and might be interested in seeing them, while some might change their mind on a second thought. One of my friends does this trick and this do work well for him that he has nearly thousands of fans, if this can work for him, this can work for you too!

6. Use applications to spread the awareness about the brand that you are promoting using your fan page:

You might be focusing on marketing some brand or yourself via your fan page, use the various tools that are available like and many others to keep the status about your product or about yourself updated. This way you will be able to build more followers and fans for your facebook fan page.

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