How to create Facebook Badges

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Do you wanna make others to aware of your Facebook likes, profile, photos and pages?  Today am gonna show you all about creating Facebook badges. We can post our details anywhere in our sites by simply adding your facebook badges. First we need to know how to create it. Its simple, just we got to follow some simple instructions on how to create a facebook badge. In facebbok badges comprises of 4 types, they are

  • Profile badge
  • Photo badge
  • Like badge
  • Page badge


To create a badge among them, we need to go to . you will be asked for the badge types. After then you will be asked for the login. After getting logged in, you will be shown all the badges. Select one among them which you need to create. Customize it and save it. Then embed code will be generated which you can post anywhere in your sites to make others to know about you. Now take a look at each of the badges.

How to create Profile badges?

  • If you want to display your Facebook profile in any sites, Click ‘profile badges’ and choose where to add the badge.
  • you can even customize it. to do it, click ‘edit this badge’.

Edit Profile Badges

  • There you can have no of editing option available there to customize it. after all the things have done. just click ‘save‘.

Options for Profile Badges

  • After saving click your platform Blogger or Truepad click those buttons to get embed code or click ‘other’ to copy the common embed code.

embed Profile badge

How to create photo badge?

  • If you want a photo badge, click up on the ‘photo badge’ option.
  • There you will have the customizing page for the photo tag.
  • Click the options available there like ‘vertical’, ‘horizontal’, ‘2columns’ and ‘no. of photos’.
  • Now save it by clicking ‘save’. You will be asked for the place where to add the badge.

Photo Badge

  • Click ‘other’ for the common embed code to paste anywhere in your website. Or you can also click other 2 options accordingly.



How to create Like badge?

  • Click on ‘Like badge’ there you have 2 option.
  • 1 is to select a page which you have already liked.
  • 2 is the code to copy and paste anywhere in your website according to the page you have selected.

Like badge

How to create Page badges?

This is only for the users who may only create if they have created a page of built an application. If you have only a personal profile create profile and photo badge instead.

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  • Click  ‘page badge‘ and you can see the list of pages you created. now Click ‘EDIT THIS BADGE’.

Edit Page badge


  •  Now Choose the settings as you like and Click ‘SAVE‘.

Embed Code for page badge

  • Same like other badges, click Other or Respected platform to insert the embed code.

embedThats all, Now you can place your batch anywhere in your blog.

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If you like this post, Share it to your friends. Dont forget to Subscribe our Feeds, Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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