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Are you a freelance writer, an article marketer, or a blogger? And, are you having any one of these as your full time career, and find yourself at cross roads of taking heaps of time to write good articles? Then you should go ahead reading this article to learn how you can write more articles that are good in a very less amount of time.

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Here are some things to follow,

1. Close all other applications that will distract you:

Try doing this and you will find yourself saving heaps of time. You will find how much of your precious time is being diverted and distracted by other open applications like Skype, instant messenger, games, social media and much more. Of all these applications, that is more distracting are the IM clients and email clients. Keep the email client open unless multi tasking is a necessary part of your career.

2. Do a thorough research and decide on  what you are going to write before you begin to write:

With so much of information available over the internet, gaining knowledge on what you want to write is not that difficult at all, if you have done a thorough search before you begin to write an effective article. Gain thorough knowledge on the topic that you want to write and is good to have bulleted points or mind map the article before you write with all the required information in hand so that you can go back anytime you want when you are writing articles.

3. Prepare a Schedule:

When you have enough on your platter to do, this is good to prepare a schedule so that you can keep time set for each task to be done including the writing part of the article.  For example, you can set about 30 minutes for researching and getting to know about the topic that you intend to write, another 30 minutes for writing the article, 5minutes for choosing the right image and 5 to 10 minutes for finishing the article for final submission.

4. Proof read the articles at least once:

When you have been writing for a long time you will feel confident about your computer typing skills thinking that you are typing at the speed of your thought flow. However, this may not be the actual case that only when you take time to proof read your article once after finished writing the entire article you will find that you would have missed a few words that will make your article grammatically incorrect ruining and causing a dent on your reputation. So always, find time to proof read your article. I say this out of my own personal experience.

5. Allocate time for editing until you are satisfied:

When you proofread your article itself, you will find out how much of your time is required to give a good shape to the article until you are happy with that. Accordingly, spare some time for editing until you are satisfied that you are done with the article and find that all that is required now is the technological and ethical part of the article that is to be posted online. This will involve SEO optimization and small jobs like giving image credits to the source.

If you are well prepared to write the article by giving a structure to your article on the paper or the computer or in your mind, it is possible to write more within a short time. Of course, you have to work on the language from not being a barrier.

Above all, practice makes things perfect!

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