How to Delete Facebook account permanently

Facebook the large social network, contains more than 750 million users having fun with their friends and more.  Now Facebook is changing lots of features like Chat, Messages, Advertisements and more. Few people are not satisfied with new features like Chat and more. Delete Facebook

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More People are not aware of deleting the Facebook account permanently, Today let me show you how to deactivate and Delete Facebook account permanently. There is two difference between deactivating the account and Deleting the account. Deactivating is just you will disable your account and others cant see your profile or information but you can reactivate your account by login Facebook again. but Deleting the Account is permanently you will delete your profile and information from Facebook.

How To Deactivate Facebook Account

If you want to Deactivate your Facebook account, You should follow these steps.

Step 1:

First go to Account and click Account settings.

Account Settings

In your Account Settings, select Security tab and now you can see Deactivate your account click on it.

Deactivate your facebook accountAfter clicking Deactivate your account, you will get Deactivate page of Facebook.  Fill the Following details and click CONFIRM.

Facebook Deactivate Now your Facebook account is Deactivated. Your profile will be not shown in any of your friends or any people. You are reactivate the account by simply login your Facebook account.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

To Delete Facebook account permanently, First you should Delete everything which is related to your profile (example: Pictures, friends, Messages, Wall-Posts, news Feeds, mini-feeds, posted items, interests, groups, fan pages, applications, etc.) but before deleting Download the All information from your Facebook account.


Then You should go to
and click “Submit

After few days you have no option to reactivate your account and your account will be deleted permanently.

Any doubt, Watch out our Video tutorial

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