How to use Facebook as a marketing tool

Facebook has been well appreciated as “a goldmine for marketers to advertise their business.” Facebook is one of the popular social media that has millions and millions of users, and there is no other better place to develop and deepen your business relationship with existing customers, and improve the rate of interest in your niche for building communities around the business.

Facebook as marketing Tool

Find out how you can make the best use of Facebook for your benefit to get the best out of it as a marketing tool.

1. Create a Facebook page for your business:

You can create pages similar to your profile pages, business pages also with applications that will engage in better business communication and attract potential or existing customers, and see that this news spreads like a computer virus. Some of the things that can help you with this are friend’s recommendations, news feeds and Facebook events. Once the page is created let it not sleep, add images and relevant information.

2. Add  your existing and potential customers:

This is the second step that you have to do to invite your business connections and existing customers to be added as a friend of those who already have an account, and introduce this media for many business professionals who are not aware of this powerful media. Facebook also has features, which will allow you to develop with business through your friends and through their friend’s friend and so on.

3. Advertise your business on Facebook:

Another way to develop your business using Facebook is to make use of the advertising options in the Facebook with cost per impression (CPM) or cost per click (CPC). Ads will appear on the right side of your page and can appear on many other types of pages like Groups, apps, profiles, home page and much more. The system they have adopted for this purpose is a self-service system.

4. Make your business profile informative and exhaustive:

When you are making your profile informative and exhaustive try to create an appearance that you are an expert in this field and your business has been doing well. Also try to make it a point that you are looking for new ventures, which will fetch lot of interest amongst interested people. I always have the habit of doing this as it has helped me a lot for all of my blogs, especially for my weight watchers code and ediet coupons blog. Display only what you want in return and do not regret. Moreover, this is an online profile and is entirely under your control that you can always say a no, when you are not in need of something.

5. Join other business groups:

Create a personal profile and join other business groups, through which you can introduce your business profile and introduce new customers. This is one of the best way to do your business, and moreover you will find that you will sometime get to meet the business shot through these profiles.

6. Acknowledge and reciprocate:

Do not be dumb to business invites, even if you are not interested. Always reply to all kind of business proposals and add them to your profile, as you will never know when they will come in handy. Never say a “no” right away.

7. Create a Facebook Fan Page:

When you are selling products provide offers for those who opt-in into your Facebook fan page that you will find yourself giving a help by knowing how many dedicated customers that you have. Everyone will love an additional giveaway or a promotional offer to opt-in or become a fan of your business.

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Praveen is a marketer and blogger. He uses Facebook to promote his blog Weight Loss Triumph. He writes about diets and weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, Medifast, and Bistro MD.

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