How to renew your IP address

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Internet the most important part of life. Now a days we started using Internet while on the go with our mobile devices like Mobile Phones, iPad, Laptop and more devices. We stay connected with our friends though many social networking sites like facebook, orkut, Twitter and more. But While browsing the internet ,sometimes we lost our connection and it gives you error notice. That time we feel annoying with our ISP ( internet service provider). We always used to call our ISP to recover the problem but before calling support we should check few things because even we can solve simple problem without paying them. If the Internet is not connecting and Giving trouble to you.

Lan Wires

First you should check your modem whether it is correctly plugged or not. and if it is connected properly Check whether DSL/INTERNET led light is glowing or not. If not it may be the problem of IP address (Internet Protocol address) which connects the internet. So you need to Renew your IP address of your computer, Lets see how to config and renew your IP address.

Step: 1

First select to ‘Run‘ from Start Menu.

start Run

Step :2

Type CMD in the Run dialogue box and click ‘Ok’

run command

Step :3

After clicking ‘Ok’, Command Prompt window will appear. Type ‘ipconfig /release(without quotes) and press ‘Enter‘.

renew ip address

Now your IP address is changed. Again type ‘ipconfig(without quotes) and Press ‘Enter’ to view your new IP address.

View the video tutorial to know more.

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