How to Enable and Make Video Call in Facebook

Today on Awesome Event, Biggest Social Network Facebook and Skype made agreement and today announced the video call feature in Facebook. Lets see how to enable and Make Video call in Facebook. Here after we can chat with our friends by seeing each other face. More over this changes are made because of the new opponent GOOGLE+ because Google+ has Hangout feature to Share the video calls. So today this move is made by Facebook side.

Facebook Video Call


First you have to Enable the Video Calling feature in Facebook. Go to and click ‘Get Started‘. and You can See the Video call button in Chat window or You can see Call Button in your friend profile. Click on it.

Videocall in Facebook

Facebook will Ask to set up the video call. Click ‘Set up‘. After clicking ‘Set up‘, Facebook video call plugin starts to download. then Install the plugin and restart the Browser.


Then again come to Facebook and Click the Video Call button in chat window of your friend or Click Call button in your friend profile to Start the Video Call.

Facebook video Calling

Even you can record your Video message if the receiver didn’t attend the call.

Facebook Record message

If you get Incoming Calls, you will be Notified in your Facebook page like the screen shot below.

Enjoy Making Video Calls with your friends.

Have a look at the Video Tutorial:

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